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Responsibility: International Salons, FIAP Liaison Officer

Ann entered the clothing trade straight from school and spent 40 years as a pattern-maker. During those years she indulged her interest in flowers and their shapes by painting them in watercolour.

Early in In 2010 Ann thought she would try to understand a bit more about photography and attended a “How to turn on your camera class” with her little camera. This started her on her journey.

Ann borrowed her fathers Nikon D 60 SLR camera and purchased a macro lens for it

From that point, she was hooked; it was like a new world. Ann purchased her own camera and started on her exploration of the world of macro. She was encouraged to enter competitions and started to gain some acceptances.

In 2011 Ann applied for, and gained her Licentiateship.

In 2014 Ann gained her Associateship, followed by her Fellowship in 2015.

This was a very busy time for Ann as she was also involved in other aspects of the club, eg. Putting together the Laurie Thomas AV (for 4 years), producing the end of year certificates (along with other club certificates), and being secretary to the NZ Camera team.

During this time Ann had been entering overseas competitions and in 2013 she gained an AFIAP. Followed by an EFIAP in 2015. This has given her the experience to be able to be familiar with the requirements of international salons.

In September 2015 she was appointed onto council to help reinstate the International Salon that hadn’t been run for 20 years or more. The Salon ran at the beginning of 2017 and it was very successful.

In August 2017 she accepted to roll of “FIAP Liaison Officer” representing PSNZ as Brian Cudby was stepping down, she was also accredited as a PSNZ judge about this time.


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