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Responsibilities: Marketing, Pubicity and Communications.

Karen joined APS in 2008 and has been an active member of the club since that time participating in a number of off committee roles.  For example she edited the APS newsletter Focal Plane for 3 years and has more recently initiated several innovative club educational opportunities that aim to offer support to new and existing members alike.

Karen was responsible for the Sponsorship and funding portfolio in the APS 2010 Northern Regional Convention Committee (Rhythm of Light).  The Committee secured in excess of $14,500 funding and sponsorship for that Convention, with contributions from more than 20 companies. This excludes raffle and other prize donations.

She was also a member of the APS CoC organising the 2017 national convention for PSNZ. On this Committee she took on the Sponsorship role and working closely with all the major industry sponsors to finalise contractual, speaker and other agreements.

Karen participated in the PSNZ Judge Accreditation Panel mentoring scheme in 2015 and was confirmed as an accredited PSNZ judge at the beginning of 2016.  She gets a real thrill out of the judging role and feels it is a great means by which to give back to the photography community that has supported her own endeavours.

Until recently Karen’s commercial/work history centred on writing applications for New Zealand companies seeking funding from Government agencies for R&D and business growth.  Currently she is involved – amongst other things – in the work towards regulation of the Chinese Medicine profession. These professional roles honed her expertise and skills in writing and marketing, supplementing them with the essential attributes of attention to detail and organisational abilities. These attributes, combined with her APS and CoC involvement, offer skills that make a valuable contribution to the PSNZ Council.

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