Below are two calibration images that have been sized to match the international standards for exhibition work and can be used for both monitors and projectors.

Each contains a a square in center of the image so that those using widescreen laptops can be sure that they have not got a distorted image on the projector screen or monitor.

Simple instructions for their use are:

  • Adjust your brightness and contrast so that you see every step of the grey scale that has 5% increments. In particular, you should be able to see the difference between the 0% and 5% whites and the 95% and 100% blacks.Once you have achieved that you will have your tonal range correct.
  • Now you can now adjust your colour settings so that no colour cast is shown on the image.

Click on the image and it will be displayed in a new tab at full size.  To save the image right click, then save as.

Many thanks to Ron Willems for producing and providing these.

Resolution 1920 x 1080


Resolution 1024 x 768psnz_calibration_image_1024x768