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How to Join the Photographic Society of New Zealand

Click here to apply to join the Photographic Society of New Zealand Inc (PSNZ).

Having provided your details, you can then pay your subscription online by direct credit, or securely online using Visa or Mastercard via PayPal.

Or you can send a cheque to:

PSNZ Treasurer
David Knightley
P O Box 99470
Auckland 1149
mailto: e-mail:

Terms and Conditions of Joining Online

Some additional points worth noting when joining online:

  • The Society will retain the information you have entered for the Society’s use only. We will not provide this information to third parties outside the Society and its members.
  • If necessary, the Society has the right to confirm the information you have entered.
  • You need to have an e-mail address for logging in, and so that we can send you confirmation of your registration. This e-mail address must be unique – i.e. not the same as another PSNZ member
  • Payment can be by
    • Visa or MasterCard (no others) Credit card using Paypal, or
    • Direct Credit to the Society’s Bank Account
  • The Society does not retain your credit card details.
  • If you think you have been debited incorrectly for your subscription, or require a refund please contact the Treasurer, David Knightley, at
  • Should you require a GST Tax Invoice/Receipt of your payment, please contact the Society’s Treasurer with your request.

Subscription Rates Sept 2017 – Dec 2018

New Members Joining 1 Sep 2017 to Dec 2018 
Double - 2 people at the same address$95.00
Family - 3 or more people at the same address$105.00
Junior - less than 18 years old$52.00

  • PSNZʼs preferred means of communication is by e-mail. If you do not provide an e-mail address, the postal address you provide will be used for communications. However not all communications that are e-mailed will be sent by postal service.
  • For New Zealand residents, rates are in NZ$ and include GST.
  • For overseas residents, the rates are in NZ$ and do not include New Zealand GST.
  • Rates for membership are for the Society’s financial year to 31 December.
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