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The PSNZ Logo is available to affiliated Camera Clubs and Societies for use on stationery, catalogues, programmes and marketing material. Please contact the PSNZ Secretary to request a copy.

There are three integral components to the logo: the graphic interpretation of light and structure (the darts – see below); the letters PSNZ and the name of the Society in full.  These items form the logo as a whole and must not be separated when it is used.

The logo was designed in 2008 by Gordon Minns, Head of Graphic Design at the Design and Arts College of New Zealand in Christchurch.

The brief reminded the designer that the photographer’s art is still about working with and controlling light. While we use cameras and computers as our tools, we create visual experiences through the use of light.

In his response to the brief, Gordon Minns acknowledged the importance of light and therefore shade. He also stressed the significance of composition, particularly in landscape photography.

New Zealand is recognised as a country of spectacular landscapes, many of which contain high mountain/volcanic peaks. Such landscapes were therefore selected as a visual metaphor. The interplay of light and shadow on this metaphor is represented by a construct of darts describing both the arrival of light and, in an inverted form, the departure of light (shadows).

The hard, clean edges of the graphic are further re-stated in the choice of a geometric sans serif letter form.

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