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Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ takes over as Chair of the PSNZ Honours Board in 2019 and has been an instrumental part of the Judge Accreditation team. His expressive style makes him stand out as one of the finest creative photographers in New Zealand, and his ability to help others use photography as an expressive medium for art makes him a natural choice to lead this first workshop

Nestled in the native bush at the “A Place To Be” retreat in the Hawke’s bay, Bruce will take you on a fantastic journey, discovering new ways to use your camera as a tool of expression, making unique and emotive images in an exploratory, open, creative environment. With simple demonstrations and explanations, he will help you overcome challenges with using your camera, understand the visual design elements of images, and enable you to play with new techniques in a supportive environment to create uniquely personal, expressive art.

The doors open at 9.30am for a 10.00am start, and the workshop will run through until late afternoon.

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