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Leith Robertson, current President of the New Plymouth Astronomical Society, has been avidly making astrophotographs for many years and over many cold winter nights. His passion for the stars has taken him on a night-time photographic journey to some of New Zealand’s great landscape locations, creating deep space images with the Society’s telescope, and more recently pursuing wide field tracked astrophotography using a portable tracker.

Join Leith Robertson and James Gibson (PSNZ Workshop Series Convenor and 2017 Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon winner) for an overnight astro shoot at the feet of majestic Mt Egmont, Taranaki. The workshop will start at the New Plymouth Observatory where we will cover all the techniques and settings required to make an image of the stars, and talk about planning your shoots. After self-planned supper we will head out for an evening shoot to get comfortable with the settings, then later (after a quick sleep and weather permitting) we will head to the mountain to capture the setting Milky Way arch over Mt Egmont. The workshop wraps up with a discussion on post-processing and how to get the most from your images.

Shooting locations may vary subject to the weather. Participants will need to provide their own accommodation and transport – lift-sharing is strongly encouraged.

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