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This year PSNZ will be extending the astrophotography workshop to include a full weekend (two nights’ shooting) in the heart of the southern alps. The weekend will include several opportunities to get out amongst the stars (weather permitting!) and cover off all sorts of the technical challenges of astrophotography; camera skills, gear, composition, panoramas, processing and more.

Based in the Bay of Islands and travelling extensively, Chris is an experienced and passionate astrophotographer, having won many awards for his images both nationally and internationally. He is a Master of Photography with NZIPP (1 bar) and his works include commercial images for NZ tourism, Heritage New Zealand and many others, including a recent 6-week trip to the Pitcairn Islands. In his spare time, he is an Osteopath and father of 3 daughters.

The Workshop meet-up and classroom sessions will be held at St Peter’s Parish Hall, right in the centre of Queenstown.

Meeting up on Friday evening with a classroom session, covering the options and a few of the challenges you’re likely to encounter, we will then head out on the first of four shoots. The locations will likely vary, depending on conditions, but be ready for exploring some exciting locations around the Queenstown area. After a night of shooting in two different areas we will rest and then meet back up shortly after lunch on Saturday to review and go through some processing tools (So bring your computer!). We will then head out again for a second night’s shooting.

Chris’ participation in this Workshop has been kindly supported by our trade partner Nikon, and there will be gear for you to try over the weekend. It’s open to all PSNZ members and all camera brands are welcome; the workshop content is not brand-specific! They are bringing some cool new Nikon camera bodies to try, plus a range of astro lenses from Samyang (in various different camera mounts), tripods from Manfrotto to keep the shots steady as a rock, and for those of you who are keen on an extra challenge there will be some Timelapse gear to test, courtesy of SYRP!

For those interested in extending their trip, you could consider joining Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken for a winter workshop the week before this – full details for their event can be found here

This Workshop is limited to 16 participants

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