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2019 Round 2 - Top Ten
R2 1st Wildebeest Stampede, Serengeti – Raewyne Cathie LPSNZ
R2 2nd Kids – Hartmut Joschonek
R2 3rd Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – Dawn Kirk LPSNZ
R2 4th Figs – Shona Jaray APSNZ
R2 5th Charon – Daniel Wong APSNZ AFIAP
R2 6th Mother of the bride – Shelley Wood LPSNZ
R2 7th The Glassblower – Liz Hardley FPSNZ, EFIAPb, LRPS
R2 8th Vestrahorn – Tom Wilkinson APSNZ
R2 9th Impressions of a Skater – Vivianne Baldwin APSNZ
R2 10th An excited robin with nesting material – Glenda Rees
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