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2016 Awards

Why We Build the Wall by David Sutton. Winner of the Music, Poetry and Theme Category, Gold Medal and Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy

Whispering Grass by Jocelyn Barrett Merit Certificate

Weetbix Kids TRYathalon by Liz Hardley FPSNZ, LRPS, EFIAP Merit Certificate

Stranger in a Strange Land by Gail Stent APSNZ Bronze Medal

Seeing Absence by Karen Lawton Bronze Medal

Predators and Prey Botswana by John Reid APSNZ, ANPSNZ, AFIAP Merit Certificate

NZ Opera School by Jacqui McGowan LPSNZ. Winner of Documentary Category, and Silver Medal

Ghost Town by John Hodgson AV-FAPS, AV-AFIAP, FAPS, EFIAP/b ESFIAP Hon FAPS, Winner of the Theme Category and Silver Medal

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