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2018 Awards

Trish McAuslan APSNZ, AV-LAPS, EFIAP, AAPS ‘Tourists Come to Inle Lake’ winner of a Gold Medal and the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy, winner of the Documentary Category

Silver Medal: Gail Stent APSNZ ‘Water Dance’ winner of the Music, Poetry and Song Category

Silver Medal: Jo Boyd APSNZ ‘Sunday Bike Ride’ winner of the Theme Category

Bronze Medal: Judith Hodgson AV-AAPS, LAPS ‘From 1844 to Evermore’

Bronze Medal: Helen McLeod FPSNZ, SPSA ‘On the Factory Floor’

Merit Certificate: Alistair McAuslan APSNZ, AV-AAPS ‘Oradour’

Merit Certificate: John Hodgson EFIAP/b, AV-AFIAP, FAPS, AV-FAPS ‘Spring Clean’

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