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Portfolios must be submitted on a USB memory stick. The stick must be labelled with the applicant’s name, address, level of the submission (e.g. L, A or F) and the overall title of the portfolio (if any).

Images must be saved as a JPEG with a maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side and 1080 pixels on the vertical side. Images can be cropped to any size within these measurements.

It is recommended that images be saved in the sRGB colour space. Files must be numbered and named, e.g. 03. Auckland Sky Tower.    Numbering must be 01 to 10, (12) or (18)

Please include an extra final picture ( max size as above) of all the images in thumbnail form.   You should set them out as they best fit in the frame and in the order they are shown.  Number it as  #11 ( with an L set), #13 (with an A set) or #19 ( with a F set).

Images will be displayed on a screen by a digital projector to a standard at least that required for the National Exhibition.

Because computer modification allows such power over the form of the final image, any significant creative manipulation that alters the ‘reality’ of the image must be done by the applicant or under the specific direction of the applicant and in his/her presence. Such manipulation is, of course, acceptable only in the Open category.

The USB memory stick will not be returned and will be destroyed after the submission process unless a post paid return envelope is included.

A copy of the successful portfolios will be kept for showing at the National Convention.  If you tick the box on the application form, only the thumbnail copy of the successful portfolio will be kept for publicity and Honours Help purposes.

Application forms or digital imagery will not be accepted by Email. A hard copy is required.  Send by courier or NZ Fast Post service. Include your application form in same packaging. Fees are to be paid by electronic payment.

Late applications will not be accepted. Your portfolio will not be returned.

Audio-Visual Submissions are no longer accepted.

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