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The PSNZ Honours Board comprises six voting members, appointed by Council to make recommendations on the granting of Honours for photographic achievement and Awards for service.

Pauline Smith

Successful Licentiate Set

The current PSNZ Honours Board is:

  • Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ (Chairman)
  • Tracey Scott FPSNZ, AFIAP, FNZIPP
  • Bevan Tulett FPSNZ 
  • Meg Lipscombe FPSNZ
  • Helen McLeod  FPSNZ, GPSA, ARPS
  • Paul Byrne  FPSNZ
  • Stephanie Forrester APSNZ (Secretary)

A PSNZ Honours recognises different levels of photographic achievement and gives members worthwhile goals.  They are one of the main benefits offered by the the Society.

Once granted, photographic Honours allow successful applicants to use the Society’s letters after their name (e.g. LPSNZ, APSNZ, FPSNZ).

The Honours Board meets to consider applications for Honours once a year in March.

Members are appointed to the Honours Board for three-year terms and have the option of offering themselves for re-appointment at the end of their term. While conscious of the need to inject fresh thinking from time to time, the Society purposely maintains a high degree of stability in the membership of the Honours Board to  ensure that a consistent threshold of approval is maintained.

It is important to appreciate that the threshold of approval is very much in mind of the Board and success rates can vary from year to year.  To compare successful portfolios at different levels can also be misleading because submissions may exceed the minimum requirements to varying degrees.  This should not be interpreted as the Board being inconsistent.

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