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Prints must be numbered (on the back) to indicate the order in which they are to be shown. The applicant must provide a sketch/layout of the way in which the prints are to be displayed in rows, to a maximum of three rows (e.g. Row 1 = prints 1-4; Row 2 = prints 5-6; Row 3 = prints 7-10).

Each print must have the author’s name on the back.  The writing will indicate which is the right way up.

The prints must be sent to the Secretary of the Honours Board (see below) in a firm and protective container.  The best way is to use a print portfolio box with a layer of paper or tissue between each print.  Insert some packing material along the edges so the corners of the mounts are not damaged.

Post to:
Honours Board Secretary – Stephanie Forrester APSNZ
43 Thurso Street
Invercargill 9810

While the packaging needs to be non-destructive, it also needs to be easy to open.  Sticky tape will be cut with a sharp knife.  A note reading “Cut here” and an arrow to the best entry point, are helpful.  Avoid tape inside the carton – wrap prints in tissue and bubble wrap.  Include packing where needed.

Print submissions are unpacked a few days before the Honours Board meets.  However, application forms are needed earlier so any errors and omissions in the documentation can be corrected before the assessment days.  Application forms must be in a separate letter couriered to the secretary and not put inside the print box.

Your prints will be returned using the same packaging in which they were received.  Ensure the outside of the submission package shows your name and a residential address and the level at which you are applying.  Also be sure to include your post code on the separate A4 size return label.

Note that if the set is successful, the packaging will be re-used twice – once to forward the prints to the National Exhibition and then to return them to you.

Submission opening date is January 16th and it is recommended you send your submission well before the closing date of 28th February and instruct the courier to obtain a signature. You will receive an acknowledgement when the images and application forms have both been received.

Fees are to be paid by electronic payment.

Late applications will not be accepted. Your portfolio will be returned.

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