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 All prints must be mounted and matted to a maximum size of 50×40 cm. The mounting and matting need not be the applicant’s own work.

Each print must have the author’s name on the reverse side, as well as sequential numbering to indicate the order in which they are to be placed for viewing.

Do NOT place your name or title on the front of the matt.

An A4 sized layout plan is required to show which prints are to go on each row in no more than three rows.  The plan must include the print numbers, or titles, for example,  Row 1 = prints #1-4; Row 2 = prints #5-6; Row 3 = prints #7-10.

This layout should be placed in your packaged print set and should also be supplied digitally at a maximum size of 1920×1080 pixels via the registration form.

Print submissions are unpacked a few days before the Honours Board meets.  However, application forms are needed earlier so any errors and omissions in the documentation can be corrected before the assessment days.  

Your prints will be returned using the same packaging in which they were received.  Ensure the outside of the submission package shows your name and a residential address and the level at which you are applying.  Also be sure to include your post code on the separate A4 size return label.

Note that if the set is successful, the packaging will be re-used twice – once to forward the prints to the National Exhibition and then to return them to you.

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