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Terms and Conditions of Joining/Renewing Online

  • The Society will retain the information you have entered for the Society’s use only. We will not provide this information to third parties outside the Society and its members.
  • If necessary, the Society has the right to confirm the information you have entered.
  • You need to have an e-mail address for logging in, and so that we can send you confirmation of your registration. This e-mail address must be unique – i.e. not the same as another member.

Payment Options

  • Payment can be made by Credit card using Paypal (Visa or MasterCard only), or Direct Credit to the Society’s Bank Account
  • Preferred payment method is by Paypal/Credit Card which will give you immediate access to the ‘Member Area’ of the Society’s website and other membership benefits. If you pay by direct banking the process will take slightly longer.
  • The Society does not retain your credit card details.
  • If you think you have been debited incorrectly for your subscription, require a refund or a GST Tax Invoice/Receipt of your payment, please contact the Treasurer –

Notes on renewing membership

  • You must be logged into the Society’s Database in order to renew your existing PSNZ membership and to check the details held in the database about you.
  • Membership renewal is due annually.
  • Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of joining.
  • The welcome email is confirmation that your payment has been received and processed into the database.
  • For members who joined before September 2018, the renewal anniversary date remains as the first of January each year.
  • Please note that if the renewal subscription is not paid within 30 days after your anniversary date your subscription is suspended and as a consequence you will have limited access to membership services. If your subscription remains unpaid after 60 days your membership is cancelled.  Membership can be reinstated by completing the ‘Become a PSNZ Member’ process.
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