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How to Renew your PSNZ Membership

PSNZ membership renewal is due annually.

For members joining from September 2018, your renewal anniversary – the date that your subscription expires each year – will be the date you receive the welcome email from PSNZ.  This email is confirmation that your payment has been received and processed into the database.

For members who joined before September 2018, the renewal date remains at the first of January each year.

Please note that if the renewal subscription is not paid within 30 days after your subscription expires, the amount payable will increase by $5.  If it remains unpaid after 60 days then membership benefits are suspended.  If unpaid after 90 days membership is cancelled.

You can renew your membership easily  here from the PSNZ Database login page.

This will allow you to renew your existing Photographic Society of New Zealand Inc (PSNZ) membership by logging in to review and check the details held in the database about you, and then use the payment options provided. These include paying

  • securely online using Visa or Mastercard via PayPal
  • by direct credit (BNZ 02 0214 0063170 00 – please put your name in reference space)
  • by cheque.

Our preferred method of payment is by PayPal/Credit Card.

If you are paying by cheque, you can send a copy of the invoice for your subscription renewal together with a cheque to:

PSNZ Treasurer
David Knightley
P O Box 99470
Auckland 1149

Please make cheques payable to: Photographic Society of New Zealand Inc.

Terms and Conditions of Renewing Online

Some additional points worth noting when renewing online:

  • The Society will retain the information you have entered for the Society’s use only. We will not provide this information to third parties outside the Society and its members.
  • If necessary, the Society has the right to confirm the information you have entered.
  • You need to have an e-mail address for logging in, and so that we can send you confirmation of your registration. This e-mail address must be unique – i.e. not the same as another PSNZ member
  • Payment may be collected by credit card using PayPal.
  • The Society does not retain your credit card details.
  • Currently only Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted.
  • If you think you have been debited incorrectly for your subscription, or require a refund please contact the Treasurer, David Knightley, at

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