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Bowron Landscape Projected Digital Images Competition

This is a competition for sets of four landscape digitally projected images, one image per club member, to be submitted by member clubs of PSNZ.

This competition is conducted annually on behalf of the PSNZ by a member club appointed by the current Council of the Society. The competition is exhibited at a Regional Convention and is rotated annually among the Regional Conventions.

More details are available in the rules section.


This trophy, donated in 2006 by Christchurch Photographic Society replaces the original trophy which was first awarded in 1981. It is intended to pay homage to the original which took the form of a framed print by F.L. Bowron FPSA, ARPS.

Bowron Competition Rules

The competition shall be open to all photographic clubs and societies which are members of the Society.

An entry in the competition shall be made by a club or society only, and shall consist of a set of four digitally projected images.

Full details are available in By-Law 17 and are also available on the Rules and Bylaws page.

Bowron Trophy, 2006

Most Recent Results – 2020

PSNZ congratulations the winning clubs of the 2020 Bowron Landscape competition.

The judges confirmed the placings for the 2020 Competition as follows:

1) Auckland Photographic Society
2) Rangiora Photographic Society
3) Howick Photographic Society

Winning Club’s Images

The images of the 2020 winning entry can be viewed here.

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