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01 - Teller of Fortunes - Karen Moffatt-McLeod

02 - Ascent of Imagination - Julia De Cleene

03 - Autumn Airshow - Alison Denyer

04 - Tasman-Remnants - Mark-Chamberlain

05 - Hallway - Peter Rodgers

06 - The Green Eyed Monster - Bryan Lay Yee

07 - Coming in to land - Richard Laing

08 - Tuturiwhatu, NZ Dotterel - Deborah Martin

09 - Last Rays - Greg Thompson

10 - Fading Tulips in the style of Robert Maplethorpe - Joan Caulfield

The winner of the third round out of 132 images is Karen Moffatt McLeod, a part time photographer from Whitianga.  Over the last few years Karen has developed a passion for creative portrait photography and particularly for the monochrome image.  She explained her intention for this image:

I wanted to convey a sense of mystery, mystique, and for the viewer to create their own story around the image. And even thought the image was very colourful as you expect of a gypsy, I feel the monochrome tells more of a story and showcases the subject more.

I try to engage the viewer, draw them into the image and make them ask questions and think about who the person is, what they are doing, the story the image speaks to them.

The judge for this round was Alison Viskovic FPSNZ, an accredited PSNZ judge from the Kapiti Coast Photographic Society.  She has a long history in photography:

“I was given my first camera in 1951 when I was ten. I had my own darkroom from the mid-1970s to the late 1990s, then there was a pause, then my photography went fully digital in 2006. I like working on projects with subjects from around me, such as informal environmental portraits, and also experimenting with quirky things like illusions and kaleidoscopes

Thank you for inviting me to be a selector: I consider it an honour, and it was a pleasure to be offered such a range of quality images to select from”

Judge’s comments

1st Teller of Fortunes  –  Karen Moffatt-McLeod  LPSNZ

The thoughtful gaze, engaging directly with photographer or viewer, and the flow of lines linking hands and face, make this a strongly composed portrait.  It really suits the monochrome treatment, and the details of the jewellery add to the theme.

2nd  Ascent of Imagination –  Julia De Cleene  LPSNZ

I love the subtle tones throughout, and the way all the parts complement each other and come together to tell the story of a magical staircase. The flying birds made of book pages add just the right final touch.

3rd  Autumn Airshow  –  Alison Denyer  LPSNZ

A really nice idea, beautifully executed to merge the various parts into a coherent design, with pleasing colour and shapes.  Simple but memorable.

4th  Tasman Remnants –  Mark Chamberlain  LPSNZ

This looks like a fairytale landscape, with its other-worldly colours and the glassy surface of the glacial lake, the reflections, and glimpses of light coming through the ice. I like the sense of depth and the subtle sky colours, too.

5th Hallway  – Peter Rodgers  LPSNZ

I see this as a study of shapes, planes and lines, subtly lit by soft light from different directions.  The monochrome treatment draws attention to the composition – I think colour would be a distraction. This image puts me in mind of some Mondrian paintings.

6th  The Green Eyed Monster  –  Bryan Lay Yee 

This image is great fun – the bold, bright head, sharply focused, looms out of the blurred background, and the angled lines add to the drama. The contrast between the green and red tones is also very dynamic.

7th   Coming in to land  –  Richard Laing 

The flying bird stands out well against the blue tones and lines of the sea surface, and I feel as though any moment it will bounce as its feet touch down. The fine details of the bird and its reflection are well caught – the side lighting is just right for this image.

8th  Tuturiwhatu, NZ Dotterel  –  Deborah Martin 

The soft tones of both subject and background, and the rounded shape of the bird, complement each other. Yet within that softness the feather details and light in the eye are sharp, and I love the way the wings curve round in an enclosing pattern.

9th  Last Rays –  Greg Thompson  LPSNZ

There is a dramatic contrast between the clouded and shaded areas of this landscape, and the central slopes caught in a low band of warm sunlight. There is also contrast between the linear man-made elements – the windmills and the lines on the road – and the softer natural features.  The whirring vanes add extra detail to complete the picture.

10th   Fading Tulips in the style of Robert Maplethorpe  – Joan Caulfield  LPSNZ

The pattern of the strongly lit white flowers and green leaves against the black background, with a hint of the vase shape, makes a very effective composition for me. The reference to Mapplethorpe’s style is well considered – inspiration rather than imitation.

Canon Online 2019 Overall Winner

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