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Canon Online 2019 Round 3 – Results

Welcome to the results of the 2019 PSNZ Canon Online Round 3. Our judge for this round is Annette Johnston APSNZ. A relative newcomer to photography (10 years with camera in hand) Annette enjoys a raft of photographic genre including sports and travel but arguably her passion is botanical art photography. Annette is currently the president of Tauranga Photographic Society and is a PSNZ-accredited judge.

Her comments:

Overview:  Opening the images submitted in this round of Canon on Line was a little like lifting the lid on the box of Forrest Gump’s chocolates! Over ninety images across almost every photographic genre in existence, each one there for my tasting. The images I have chosen are simply those with the greatest personal resonance; no more no less.

  1. Rodeo Rider, Sue Riach APSNZ ARPS

Seen through a haze of dust I am transported to this time and place.  I can hear the cheers, I can smell the scent of cattle, of horses, of people.  I can feel the tension, the anticipation of success, overridden by the knowledge of potential catastrophe as man pitches himself against beast.  The bull is shown in magnificent detail, the cowboys on the railing are spellbound; this could be a scene from the wild west, bar the addition of the ubiquitous cell phone.  A truly fabulous moment, beautifully captured.

  1. Blue Maomao Arch, Jacqui Robson

The golden ratio demonstrated in electric blue. Photographed beautifully I am in awe and utterly fascinated by this natural phenomenon; natures example of a state where chaos and design combine.  

  1. Wearing My Poncho, Julia Home APSNZ, EFIAP, GPSA, PPSA

With long auburn hair, and more than a sprinkling of freckles, natural and undisguised, this young woman has the facial structure and features of a model. The dark background sets of a palette of oyster pink, a variety of browns, reds and gold, an ‘old world portrait’ look that is perhaps inconsistent with the green finger nail polish and the tattoo. It is the slightly coy tilt of her head, and the way her hand is clutching what seems to be the uncomfortable neckline of a garment not her own, that speaks to me of the fragility of the young as they move towards bearing the garments of adult responsibilities.

  1. NZ Falcon 87484, Paul Mason

A fabulously caught moment has been captured as this beautiful New Zealand Falcon comes in to roost. The crisp detail of eye, feather and talons ‘pop’ from the sympathetically toned background; the crop of the image, and the placement of the bird in my view, perfect.

  1. Emily, Kelvin Aird

I love curves. In this case, it is the luscious curve of her hair, together with the lovely arch of her brows that guide me through my exploration of this image.  A beautiful and all together elegant young woman, carefully posed, and an image superbly lit.

  1. Berlin Houses & Steeples, Constance Fein Harding

Strikingly, not quite perfectly symmetrical, this image has the air of a cartoon, the scene with a note of implausibility to a New Zealand eye. Further investigation is essential; I wonder what is going on behind those windows? 

  1. Steel punk, Shona Kebble APSNZ

Typically incongruous, the steampunk, or in this case the ‘steel punk’ attire neatly frames piercing eyes, and rugged bewhiskered features. I feel both bemused, and a little bit envious of the passion demonstrated by the followers of this movement.  For me, a portrait brimming with character.

  1. Tilly in Winter, Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ

This irresistible wee button made me smile. Sparkling eyes, fluffy baby curls and a cute grin all framed by a chic woolen hat and the triangle of open zipped jacket; I am sure those who love this child will treasure this image forever. For the rest of us we can simply enjoy a delightful story of happy innocence.

  1. Roaring Splash, Yan Yuan

Superbly caught action, framed to perfection.  The image so sharp I can count the whiskers on their faces, and so resonant I can (almost) smell the fish on their breath.

  1. Last Light, Val Pohio LPSNZ

An interaction of light, lines and curves, creating abundant mood and atmosphere; a delight for my eyes exploration. The heavy vignette successfully directs my attention to the action; the people small in the scene yet significant, providing a narrative of work in an isolated, but beautiful space.

Congratulations to all the authors who achieved a place in the top 10 this round, yet again we see an inspiring collection of images that shows the skill and diversity of talent within PSNZ, and a special congratulations to Sue Riach, who will shortly be receiving her trophy in the post!

At this half-way point in the competition I am excited to see that we have received entries from 178 individuals and currently have a three-way tie for first place at 16 points – remember, you get 1 point for entering, then an additional point per placing in the top 10, so the overall champion for 2019 is still wide open – Round 4 is now open for submission, so feel free to start entering your images!

A brief technical note on submissions; This round I received many entries which were not correctly sized. In an attempt to help out with this, I’ve made a short video on exporting images from Lightroom and Photoshop (other packages have similar options I believe) which you can view here:

Please can you ensure your images are sent at a maximum size of 1620px wide by 1080px high. I do my best to ensure the authors of any incorrectly submitted images are given the opportunity to resubmit, but please bear in mind this is discretionary and can take quite a lot of time to resolve. To help the organisers run the competition smoothly, we would be very grateful if you can ensure the file sizing is correct and please name your file exactly as per the title – it makes life so much easier!

Thanks and good luck for Round 4!

James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP


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