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Canon Online 2019 Round 6 – Results

Welcome to the results for the final round on the PSNZ Canon Online competition for 2019. I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful few days socialising and eating far too much delicious food and are now soaking up the delightful weather. Whilst’ we’ve all been relaxing, our judge for this round has been hard at work reviewing and selecting her top 10 images – which of course also determines the overall winner for 2019!

For this round, our judge was Michelle Usher LPSNZ. Michelle is a Wairarapa-based photographer and has been a PSNZ Judge for a number of years. She is currently studying through the Open College of Arts to complete a BA in photography, and enjoys travel, documentary and landscape photography – You can see her work at

Her comments:

1 Subtle Awakening – Jo Curtis LPSNZ
Such simplicity and power in this image.  There is such a feeling of a cool misting morning walk with the dog.  The soft tones really make this image

2 Out of the Fog – Roger Ball
Another great image that reminds me of walking across London Bridge on my way to work.  Great use of leading lines which takes you into the image.  The tones and processing really give that feeling of Sherlock Homes.

3 Lady of Shalott – Karen Moffatt-McLeod LPSNZ
A beautiful portrait of this little girl playing dress up.  The lighting gives a soft thoughtful mood to the image.

4 Into the Blue – Bryan Lay Yee
A strong image based on bold colours and geometric lines.  I really like the simplicity and the use of negative space

5 Please – Lynn Hedges LPSNZ
A powerful documentary portrait.  Great interaction between subject and photographer.  The tight crop helps to focus my eyes on all the fine detail from the dirt under her nails to the dust on her eyelashes.

6 Ying Yang – Rebecca King
A powerful and well executed portrait. It really makes me think and question what might be hiding on the other side.

7 White Heron in Nest Plumage – Ron Willems HonPSNZ FPSNZ AFIAP ARPS FAPS
A simple and elegant image showing this delicate bird within its surroundings. The side lighting helps to highlight the beautiful detail of the plumage.

8 Perpetual Performer – Kathy Richards LPSNZ
A well-lit, exposed and processed table-top study.  Great use of repeating patterns to give 3D feel.

9 Waitanguru Falls – Karl Tretheway LPSNZ
A well-executed monochrome landscape image of this waterfall.  The zig-zag of the water takes my eye into and through the scene.  Great detail in the shadows and the slow shutter speed has produced a lovely softness to the water.

10 Tranquil – Prashant Joshi
Another well executed seascape.  The posts take me into the water and out to the horizon.  Great detail in the rocks which makes me want to explore the scene and holds my attention.

For me, this is my final round as coordinator and I would like to thank all the selectors and the 224 entrants over this year for making the task so enjoyable, allowing me the opportunity to view nearly 550 beautiful artworks over the six rounds.

From next year, Paul Willyams LPSNZ AFIAP MNZIPP will be taking over as coordinator. He and I have been working on some new features for the competition including a fully revamped entry system. You will find the new forms in the same place as before, in the member’s area of the PSNZ website. The new system will check your image sizes before submission, so we can avoid having to disqualify incorrectly sized images. You can enter all six rounds immediately, see what you’ve entered and also amend your choices right up until each round closes (25th of every second month at midnight). Paul has also created a system to rename your images with the image title, so no need to rename your files; just make sure you enter the titles correctly! You also do not need to enter your honours – we can get these details directly from the PSNZ website, so make sure your details are up to date! We do still need to ask you to enter you full name into each entry (as the website only uses your email for your login), but we hope you will find the new system easier.

The new entry system is related to your login email address, so for those of you in double or family memberships who all want o enter the competition, you will now need a personal login – please contact the database team ( with your name, email address and also the name and email of the primary account holder to request an additional account be created. You will only need to do this once!

I would just like to say a final congratulations to the following authors, who managed to enter all six rounds this year:

Allysa Carberry LPSNZ, Deborah Martin, Dennis Tohovaka, Eunice Belk LPSNZ, Hartmut Joschonek, Helen Howie, Jeanette Nee APSNZ, Jo Curtis LPSNZ, Julia Home APSNZ EFIAP GPSA PPSA, Kate Beauchamp, Liz Hardley FPSNZ, EFIAP/b LRPS, Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ, Lynn Hedges LPSNZ, Peter Rodgers LPSNZ, Prashant Joshi, Richard Laing, Roger Ball, Ron Willems HonPSNZ FPSNZ AFIAP ARPS FAPS, Shona Jaray APSNZ, Sue Riach APSNZ ARPS, Vivianne Baldwin APSNZ

Well done to everyone, wishing you all the best for your pursuits in 2020.

James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP

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