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Terms and Conditions for the PSNZ SONY National Exhibition of Photography

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The PSNZ Sony National Exhibition is open to persons residing in New Zealand and to members of the Society living overseas.

Entries open on the 1st February and close on the 1st March 2020.

An entry consists of up to four prints in Open, four prints in Nature, four projected images in Open and four projected images in Nature, (maximum of 16 entries) none of which has been accepted in a previous PSNZ national exhibition.  An image accepted in any previous section of the PSNZ national exhibition of photography is ineligible for entry in any further PSNZ national exhibitions. Images that in the opinion of the selectors are too similar to images previously accepted will not be accepted.

An image shall be entered in one medium only, (print or projected image) and in one section in any one year.

All entries shall be exposed by the entrant and may be trade processed.

Prints may be monochrome or colour process or toned or any combination thereof.

Optically created images, conventional or digital, manipulated or enhanced by either darkroom or electronic processing or art-working, are all acceptable for entry into the open section. Composite images shall contain only original work by the author. Images generated by electronic means (eg: Fractals etc) are not eligible for entry into any section of the exhibition.

Prints may be any size provided they are mounted on a base having a minimum of 230mm x 180mm and a maximum of 500mm x 400mm. Maximum thickness is not to exceed 12.5mm. Prints must be submitted to an exhibition standard. These dimensions are to include the over-mount if used. Prints must not be under glass or framed.

Images must be saved as a jpeg with a maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side and a maximum of 1080 pixels on the vertical side. It is recommended that images be saved in the sRGB colour space.

Images will be displayed in the sRGB colour space on a black background at a screen resolution of 1620 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically.

Prints may have a title on the face of the print or mount.

For Nature entries, scientific, common names or technically descriptive titles are to be used.

On the back of the print the entrant shall write his/her name and address and phone number to agree with the entry form and any other information which the entry form may specify (ie: Entry number).

All projected images must be titled. The full name of a projected image should be identical to the title on the entry form and must not include the name of the author.

All permanent cups and trophies may be held by the award winners for one year, (excepting the Ratcliff Marine Award where a plaque is held) but may not be taken out of New Zealand and shall be returned to the Society upon request.

All miniatures, medals and ribbons may be retained by the winners.


Unless the entry form denies the right to reproduce, the entrant shall be deemed to confer upon the Society, without payment of any fees to the entrant, the following rights:

The right to make one or more copies of the entry.

The right to use the copies for the purposes of the Society.

The right to reproduce the entry in the Exhibition Catalogue.

The right to reproduce the entry in newspapers, magazines or elsewhere as publicity material for the national convention and/or the Society.


Open Prints:

The Maadi Challenge Cup and gold medal for the best monochrome print.

The George Chance Colour Print Trophy and gold medal for the best colour print.

The Shirley Peverill Memorial Trophy and gold medal for the best print which illustrates photojournalism.

The H.S. James Landscape Print Award and gold medal for the best landscape print.

The Ronald D Woolf Youth Award and silver medal for the best print entered by a photographer who is under the age of 25 years at 1st January of the year of the Exhibition. Proof of the entrant’s age will be required. The Award may be made to an entrant once only and includes a subsidy for attendance at the National Convention. Also PSNZ provides complimentary membership to the Society for the remainder of the financial year, plus the 12 months following.

The PSNZ Trophy and gold medal for the best portrait print.

The Ron Willems Medallion for the most successful photographer in prints.

Nature Prints:

The William C. Davies Memorial Trophy and a gold medal for the print which best illustrates New Zealand Wildlife.

Open Projected Images:

The Robinson Cup and gold medal for the best projected image.

The Brian Brake Memorial Award and gold medal for the best photojournalism projected image.

The Eric Young Memorial Trophy and gold medal for the best landscape projected image.

The Arthur Bates Trophy for the best monochrome projected image.

The PSNZ Trophy and gold medal for the best portrait projected image.

Nature Projected Image:

The Geoff Moon Nature Trophy and gold medal for the best New Zealand nature projected image.

Prints and Projected Images:

The Richard Ratcliff Marine Award, a plaque and PSNZ gold medal for the best maritime print or projected image. It is the Societies intention that this award is made for maritime subjects, eg: shipping, sea-going or trade.

The Ron Willems Medallion for the most successful photographer in projected images.

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