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Exhibited during the PSNZ National Convention at Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, Auckland.
Thursday 6th April to Sunday 9th April.

Organised by the
Henderson Photographic Society

A Welcome from the President

It is my great pleasure to welcome visitors to the 2017 PSNZ Canon National Exhibition. The prints and projected images displayed here represent the very best work of our members over the past year in a wide range of styles and subject matter. Photography in this digital age is a  rapidly evolving art form, and there are a vast array of tools that can be used to assist in creating that special and distinctive image.  It is truly inspiring to see the work of photographers who demonstrate their vision, skill and courage to build on traditional techniques with modern technology to present their creations to us.

I wish to especially thank Canon for their long-standing and very generous sponsorship of the National Exhibition.  Canon’s support is reflected in the depth and quality of the Exhibition and the high regard it has among the Society’s members at the top of our annual calendar.

We are also indebted to members of the Henderson Photographic Society who organised the selection process and were responsible for the hanging of the Exhibition and preparation of the programme of accepted projected images.  Thank you also to the selectors, who spend long hours on the selection weekend making decisions as to what images should be selected.  Considerable care has been taken to ensure that these images are presented correctly and to their best effect.  The Auckland Photographic Society  Convention Committee has provided an excellent venue for the display of prints and we are grateful for their assistance and support.

I am confident that visitors to the Exhibition will enjoy the images and find inspiration and pleasure as they explore the creativity of our members.

Peter Robertson LPSNZ, President.

PSNZ National Exhibition Organising Committee, 2017

We started with a team of two, Doug Crutch and myself, Marlise Shadbolt, and then expanded as the workload increased and many thanks go out to Janet Munnings, Hazel Thomas and Kate Anderson for becoming active participants.  I would also like to acknowledge the excellent support and encouragement from Shona Kebble, PSNZ Council Member for the National Exhibition.  Shona kept us honest and true to the occasion and answered many questions that simply cannot be included in a manual of operations.
The Selection Day was a well-oiled operation due to the team of wranglers and conveners from the Henderson Photographic Society and North Shore Photographic Society.  On the spot problem-solving was their speciality and their proficient approach to this day was noted and commented on by the Selectors, who were in themselves, professional and productive.  The Selectors managed the selection of images for the National Exhibition in one day, and that is something quite monumental, considering the number of entries received.
We worked very closely with the Convention Organising Committee from Auckland Photographic Society and heartily thank everyone on the committee for their support, endless meetings, wine and cheese, and the many laughs that got us through some trying times.  The success of the National Exhibition is due, in part, to this team of tireless volunteers too.
This year we introduced an on-line entry form where entrants could alter information up until the closing date.  This worked exceptionally well and reduced the workload of the committee in preparing for the Selection Day and the National Convention, Photography on the Edge, and we thank Rob Costello for developing this software.

Marlise Shadbolt, Convenor

Results for the Interclub Competitions

The 4 Interclub competitions were held recently and the results have been sent to all clubs. The cups/trophies will be presented at the banquet at the National Convention. Congratulations to all the winners.

Bowron Trophy

1st – Rangiora Photographic Society
2nd – Christchurch Photographic Society
3rd – Howick Camera Club

Bledisloe Cup

1st – North Shore Photographic Society
2nd – Southland Photographic Society
3rd – Christchurch Photographic Society

George Chance Cup

1st – North Shore Photographic Society
2nd – Rangiora Photographic Society
3rd – Christchurch Photographic Society

Wiltshire Memorial Cup

1st – Auckland Photographic Society
2nd= – Manukau Photographic Society
2nd= – Rangiora Photographic Society

Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy 2017

Winner – Gold medal

Matt Leamy LPSNZ
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
Documentary Category

Silver medal

Breaking Up
Theme Category

Jacqui McGowan LPSNZ
Bird On A Wire
Music Poetry and Song Category

Bronze medal

Liz Hardley FPSNZ, LRPS, EFIAP/b – Auckland Lantern Festival
Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ – Proud

Merit Certificate

Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ, FPSNZ, FNPSNZ – 100 Years 100 Horses
Jan Dally LPSNZ – The Spirit of Denniston
Triena Graham – A Footnote To A Love Story


Bob McCree FPSNZ – We Shall Overcome
Bob McCree FPSNZ – Art Deco Weekend
Robert Beckett – Pere-Lachaise: A Journey
Hazel Thomas LPSNZ – The Gannets Return
Pankaj Bhakta – Lest We Forget the Heroes
Jo Curtis LPSNZ – Journey’s End
Jo Curtis LPSNZ – Bowhunters Tournament
Gail Stent APSNZ – Lochmara: Underwater Project
Helen McLeod – The Boxing Day Tsunami Effort
Helen McLeod – Deconstruction Reconstructed
Barbara Burry APSNZ – Impressions of a Mountain Desert
Jenny Dowling – Shosholoza
Lyall Reynolds – Wholly Smoke
Triena Graham – Whisper
Adele Ashton APSNZ, LRPS – Crazy
Sheryl Williams LPSNZ – Dancing Seed Swans

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