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The 23rd Laurie Thomas New Zealand Landscape Salon 2019

Initially established in 1997 this salon is hosted by the Christchurch Photographic Society in memory of former member, the late Laurie Thomas.

Laurie was a keen photographer of the New Zealand landscape using the medium of slides.

The rules of the Salon are as follows:

  • All images MUST be of the New Zealand landscape.
  • No image shall be manipulated during processing that materially alters the fact of the landscape.
  • No image that has previously been successful in this salon (e.g. Accepted) nor any cropped portion of such an image will be accepted.
  • A Champion trophy, which the winner retains, will be awarded to the Champion image and the selectors will award medals, Honours and acceptance certificates as appropriate.
  • The Salon is limited to digital media only; no slides or prints are eligible for entry.

Pioneered by the Christchurch Photographic Society, and named after one of its formative members, the Laurie Thomas Salon is now exclusively for projected digital images. The Salon is open to photographers young and old, amateur and professional, throughout the country.  Entrants may submit up to four images of the New Zealand landscape. Last year, a record 169 photographers entered a record total of 651 images.

Every entrant receives a full-colour catalogue in which most of the successful entrants have at least one image reproduced. The winner of the Salon gets to keep a distinctive trophy, designed by Lesley Sales, depicting water, wind, trees and light.

Silver and bronze medals, as well as Honours ribbons and Acceptance certificates are awarded at the judges’ discretion.

Laurie Thomas entries are assessed alternately in the North and South Island.  Our judges are from the South Island this year.

The 2019 Laurie Thomas Salon opens for entries on 5th April 2019. Entry

Closing date is 17 May 2019

The North Shore National Salon of Photography

The North Shore National Salon of Photography will be holding its twenty-second (22nd)  annual Salon in 2017.

Entrants to the Salon’s competitions are typically amateur photographers from photographic clubs and societies throughout New Zealand, although the Salon is open to professionals and unaffiliated photographers as well.

Information on the North Shore National Salon is available at the Salon’s dedicated website

Information and the results of winning images for the 2016 North Shore National Salon is available at the Salon’s website at the Salon’s dedicated website

The Nelson National Triptych Salon

As the name implies this salon is only for entries which are in the form of a triptych. That is each entry must consist of three images presented on a common background. If you haven’t tried to make a triptych before you will find that putting together three photographs that have a strong link, emphasise a common theme or together tell a story is a great way to sharpen both your creative and your composition skills.

Entries may be submitted as digital projected images only. The subject matter is open.

There will be a catalogue available for a small additional fee to cover printing. Entrants gaining an Acceptance or above receive certificates and the image that receives the Champion Award will receive a hand – crafted triptych trophy which they can keep.

There will be three other awards presented for specific themes. These will change each year.

The Salon opens on the 1st August and closes on the 31st August.
For more details please see http:/

The National Photojournalism Competition 

2017 represents 26 years of the National Photojournalism competition wqhich is hosted annually by the New Brighton Photographic Club.

For full details about this Salon go to the New Brighton Photographic Club.

It is open to all PSNZ New Zealand residents, or financial members of a PSNZ affiliated camera club.

Entries are accepted in Digital form only and there are two categories:

  • Category 1 Sport and Action
  • Category 2 Street Photography and Social Commentary

Dunedin Festival of Photography

The 48th Dunedin Festival of Photography will be held in 2019.

Opening date for entries: Monday 22 July
Closing date for entries: 11:59pm Tuesday 3 September
Judging: Saturday 21 September
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 19 October, at the Dunedin Community Gallery, Princes St
Exhibition: Sunday 20 – Saturday 26 October

Entry form and festival information will be available closer to the time from

Tauranga Audio-visual Salon

This Salon is organised by the Tauranga Photographic Society.  It is open to current financial individual members of the PSNZ (Photographic Society of New Zealand) or financial members of clubs affiliated to the PSNZ residing in New Zealand or overseas and financial members of national amateur photographic organisations or affiliated clubs from outside of New Zealand.

Note:  Although this competition attracts entrants from overseas, it is not recognised by FIAP and therefore the results do not contribute to any awards.

New Zealand Novice Award:
Restricted to New Zealand residents only. It is open to any entrant who has NOT received an acceptance or higher in any national AV competition.

About 4-6 weeks after the competition, the award winning audio-visuals are shown at an evening presentation in Tauranga, which is open to the public.  This is the only opportunity to see these  successful audio-visuals.

Other Information:
There are a number of help sheets on the website for people interested in creating Audio Visuals.

Results from the most recent competition, details of the current competition and information about the presentation evening are available on the Tauranga Photographic Society website

Creative Focus

This is held every year, hosted by the Pukekohe – Franklin Camera Club and is open to members from all clubs affiliated with PSNZ.

Entries comprise of images submitted digitally.

Entries close at the end of June and the awarding is in July.

See details at

Trenna Packer Salver Competition

The Trenna Packer Salver competition is the annual New Zealand nature inter-club competition hosted by the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand. This is for sets of six nature projected images and open to all clubs in New Zealand.  The objective of the Trenna Packer Salver Competition is to illustrate the diversity of the natural world in New Zealand and its off shore islands.

Entries close 14 June 2019.  See details

The Whanganui Salon

The Wanganui Salon was a prominent fixture on the national photographic calendar from 1956 until 1992. The Salon was held again in 2019 after a 27 year gap to commemorate the first meeting of a Camera Club in Whanganui in 1894 – 125 years ago.

We were delighted with the response to our Salon theme:

Humanity and Earth – demonstrating the impact of human beings on, and their interaction with, our planet.

We received over 400 entries and the winners and awardees can be seen on the Whanganui Camera Club web site here:

We are planning to establish the Salon as a biennial event with the next running in 2021. We will publish details early in the year – in the meantime keep taking those Humanity and Earth images.

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