2017 PSNZ National Convention – Day 3

Today was all about fieldtrips and I chose not to go on any of the trips away from the venue.  Instead I spent some time testing out the Panasonic GH5 with the kingfishers.  I have to admit I was unsure if I would be able to hand hold the 100-400 lens and still get sharp images but indeed I could so I am somewhat impressed.  There is a lot of learning involved in changing from one system to the next and for now I think I am going to stick with my DSLR – at least until I can no longer hold it.

So I also spent some time around the venue people watching and I didn’t have my camera out when doing this. However if something takes my fancy I always have my cell phone and this next photo was one such occasion.  During Eva Polak’s workshop, one of her attendees was looking to make some images and she was fascinated with shoes. I couldn’t help myself – I had to get an image of the image being made!

Later I spent some time in the exhibition room which was open to the public.  I was surprised at the amount of people that have gone through the room to view the exhibition.  Apparently it was thanks to an article in the New Zealand Herald – just goes to show that advertising works!  After some of the fieldtrips came back I went looking for a photo and this is what was given to me – its screaming for a caption!This evening they were all awarded their distinctions at the CR Kennedy Banquet.  This was a banquet like no other – we had Elvis in the room – more than one Elvis too!!  The theme for the night was “Viva Las Vegas” and there were many brave people who dressed in the theme – including the CR Kennedy team! 

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