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NZ Bellbird © Caroline Ludford


Juvenile Coragyps atratus © Philippa Wood


Marsala Boat © Meg Lipscombe


Pine Straw Through Sea Spray © Phil Thornton


Solitude © Ian Galloway


Little Dancer © Helen WIlkin


Key Summit © James Gibson


Abandoned © Margaret Irving


Green Light © Toya Heatley


Eurasian blackbird © Christine Jacobson


Web of Intrigue © Margaret Irving


The Kaiaua Beach Races © Louise Savage


Mountain and Horses © Janice Chen


Ice Princess © Scott Fowler


At the Reading Room © Roger Ball


Helping Photographers Grow


Established in 1953, the Photographic Society of New Zealand is a registered charity whose purpose is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the art of photography for all photographers.  Our main purpose is to “Help Photographers Grow” which includes assisting them to achieve their highest standard in practical application of the medium.

Throughout the chaos of COVID-19, the Council has continued to manage and plan all of the Society’s events, despite having to cancel three of our key annual events.

Our 2020 Workshop Series have been reinstated and it is good to see that those attending a workhsop are really enjoying the experience.

The Honours Board were able to meet at the end of July and completed the (delayed) assessment of the 2020 submissions. Congratulations to everyone who achieved success.

The winter months have provided some extremely variable weather conditions which have given photographers wonderful opportunities to make some dramatic and tranquil images. It is great to see many excellent images appearing in club competitions and on social media that reflect the changing environment.  We are now seeing the first signs of spring  – the lambs are frolicking, there’s new chicks appearing on the lakes and coastlines, and the daffodils are well and truly flowering.  Spring is just around the corner and with the change to daylight saving, our days will be filled with light, for just that little bit longer.  I truly hope the spring season lifts every one’s spirits and enthusiasm, in what has been a difficult year.

For those of you who can get out and about, I encourage you to explore our own country and take advantage of the quieter roads, uncrowded spaces, and make some wonderful photographs.

Kind regards,

Moira Blincoe LPSNZ
Photographic Society of New Zealand

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Cover Image by James Gibson APSNZ  EFIAP

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