PSNZ Honours

A PSNZ Honours distinction is an internationally recognised award, confirming a level of photographic competence demonstrated through a portfolio presentation of a member’s work.

There are three levels of distinctions – LicentiateAssociateship and Fellowship.  Each level requires the photographer to demonstrate an increasing level of photographic competence and artistry.

Working for an honours distinction allows photographers to reach new boundaries as they seek to develop their technical skills, set new standards and discover new levels of creativity.

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The awards recognise a standard of photographic achievement and are similar to other distinctions offered by sister organisations for example, The Royal Photographic Society (UK), Australian Photographic Society, Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). PSNZ Honours vary from some of the international systems in that the distinctions can only be achieved through a consistent portfolio submission, not via competition successes.

Both members and non-members can apply for Licentiate honours distinction. To apply for an Associateship or Fellowship, applicants must be members of PSNZWe recommend that photographers apply for the LPSNZ first, unless you are a very competent photographer.

When an honours distinction has been achieved, the member is eligible to use the specific award’s letters following their name. For example, Jack Black LPSNZ (APSNZ, FPSNZ).

More information on the application process can be found here

The Honours Board

Our Honours Board assesses the members’ portfolios and make recommendations to Council on the granting of photographic Honours Distinctions and Awards for service.

The current PSNZ Honours Board is:

  • Bruce Girdwood FPSNZ (Chairman)
  • Ann Bastion  FPSNZ EFIAP MFIAP
  • Paul Byrne FPSNZ
  • Helen McLeod  FPSNZ, GPSA, ARPS
  • Gail Stent FPSNZ
  • Ian Walls FPSNZ
  • Stephanie Forrester APSNZ (Secretary)
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