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In order to achieve an honours distinction, members compile a portfolio or set of images of their own work which are reviewed and assessed by the PSNZ Honours Board.  Each level of honours requires a different number of images:

Licentiate – 10 images

Associate – 12 images

Fellow – 18 images

The portfolio may be submitted in prints or projected images but not a combination of both. Many facets are considered for all distinction levels and it is expected that the applicant will have demonstrated high quality camera work, technical skill, visual awareness, communication, artistry and presentation appropriate to the genre and level being applied for.

For details on arranging and submitting your honours portfolio click here.

How do I Apply?

Application for an honours distinction is made to the Honours Board via the PSNZ website. The Honours Board meets annually in March to assess the submissions over a four day period.

In 2020 the Honours Board will meet in Invercargill from March 19 – 22 inclusive.

The opening date for portfolios to be submitted to the Secretary, with the appropriate application form [link to be added] is 16th January 2020 and the closing date for both Honours and Service Awards respectively, is 28 February 2020.  Any submissions received after this date will be returned.
If you are couriering your print submission we recommend you use the ‘tracking with signature’ option. You will receive an acknowledgement upon receipt of  images and application forms.

Applicants can make only one submission per year and may not apply in a different category at a level at which they already hold PSNZ Honours.

Print portfolios should be sent to :
Honours Board Secretary
Stephanie Forrester APSNZ
43 Thurso Street
Invercargill 9810

Projected image portfolios are to be submitted online.
Email address for ALL honours correspondence is:
Fees are to be paid by electronic payment.
Late applications will not be accepted. Your portfolio will be returned.

Submit your application

Guidelines – How to apply for PSNZ Photographic Honours

Click here to complete your submission form

Payment Information

The fees for an honours distinction are as follows:

  • Licentiate  $90.00
  • Associate  $100.00
  • Fellow  $110.00
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