Judge Accreditation Panel & Programme

PSNZ offers a unique Photographic Judge Training and Accreditation Programme. The programme was first introduced in 2012 when the Judge Accreditation Panel (JAP was first introduced.

The goals for the prgramme are to:

  • Raise the general standard of image assessment within the PSNZ.
  • Provide support to those wanting to become accredited judges.
  • Provide the framework to improve the level of confidence of newly accredited judges.
  • Increase the likelihood of gaining accreditation.
  • Support accredited judges.

Each year the JAP hosts weekend judge training courses around the country. Over the two day course, you will gain an insight into what is involved in the judging prcoess, that is, how to  view images, critique and communicate the results to the photographer.  You will also learn more about how to become an accredited judge.

For PSNZ members there is a nominal fee of $25 for attending the full weekend workshop.  This must be paid in advance and will secure your registration but is non-refundable in the event that you decide not to attend.

For non PSNZ members the fee for the course is $60.

Ideally we ask for a minimum of 20 people attending, with a maximum of 30.

Upcoming Judge Training Weekends:

The Judge Accreditation Panel will host three training weekends in 2021.  More details on the location and timings will be available at time of registration.

  • Pukekohe -  12-13 June 2021. The Centre Franklin Room, Franklin.
  • Taupo - 28-29 August 2021
  • Dunedin - October 2021


Would you like to become a PSNZ Accredited Judge?

In April 2012 the process for gaining PSNZ Accredited Judge status was updated by the Council. We are now inviting members who are interested in gaining accreditation to submit an application to the Judge Accreditation Panel. This initial application may be made at any time.

The new process has been put in place to:

  • Raise the general standard of image assessment within PSNZ.
  • Provide support to those wanting to become an accredited judge.
  • Provide the framework to improve the level of confidence of newly accredited judges.
  • Increase the likelihood of gaining accreditation.
  • Support all accredited judges.

The process is as follows:

  • You can complete an application form at any time. We encourage you to attend one of the judge training weekends for more information too.
  • You will initially start the process with a Panel approved mentor. You will develop your skills as an assessor under the guidance of your mentor.
  • Over a period of time you will work with your mentor to gain some experience in assessment at club level. Your mentor will provide you with constructive criticism and also assist with references to reading material.
  • Your mentor will advise when you are ready to take the first of two tests.
  • The panel secretary will send you a set of test images to critique. You will be required to record your critique as one single and continuous audio file and return the audio file to the secretary.
  • Following that test, if successful, there is a second test which comprises of a set of 20 images for you to critique in the same manner.
  • Please note, that you will be required to submit a portfolio of your own images unless you already hold PSNZ Photographic honours (LPSNZ, APSNZ or FPSNZ).
  • If your final assessment is successful, the Judge Accreditation Panel will forward a recommendation to the PSNZ Council that your status as a PSNZ Accredited judge be approved.
  • If you are successful, this will be announced in Cameratalk to the rest of the membership and your name will be included on the list of PSNZ accredited judges.

Once accredited, your accreditation will be reviewed and you will be invited to attend a Judge Accreditation Training weekend to refresh your skills and share your experiences with other trainees.

If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Ludford LPSNZ, Chair of the Judge Accreditation Panel, E:  caroline_ludford@hotmail.com

Or email: judging@photography .org.nz

If you would like to join the Judge Accreditation Programme, please log in to the member's area and fill in the form.



The current Judge Accreditation Panel is:

  • Caroline Ludford LPSNZ(Chair)
  • Paul Byrne FPSNZ
  • John Reid
  • Shona Jaray APSNZ
  • Ian Walls FPSNZ
  • Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ FPSNZ FNPSNZ
  • Jenny Dey APSNZ (Secretary)
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