Find out more about the Photographic Society of New Zealand. Read about how we started, meet the team of volunteers who currently help manage the society, and familiarise yourself with the rules that govern the Society.

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“To promote the fuller and wider enjoyment of photography in New Zealand as an art, science and activity.”

In the early 1950s, photographer Fred Bowron went to America. That was the beginning…

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Here you can meet the elected Council members who currently manage the Society.

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Constitution, Bylaws, Definitions, Codes of Ethics and Financial details can all be found here.

Photography Clubs & Photographers

If you're looking for a club to join, or are looking for a photographer, you can find the contact details of PSNZ affiliated clubs, and the websites of some of our members in this section.

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Click here for a comprehensive list of Affiliated Clubs.

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Click here to view our Member's websites.

Important Information

In this section, you can find the Photographic Definitions that PSNZ adheres to, our Privacy Policy, and a list of our valued trade partners.


A guide on how certain photographs fit specific genres.

Our privacy policy to reassure you we value your privacy.

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The Society appreciates and values the ongoing support from our trade partners.


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Click the link to get in touch with us at PSNZ.

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Member benefits and subscription fees can be found HERE.

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