Apix/PSNZ 2013 Southern Regional Convention – Astro Photography

Apix/PSNZ 2013 Southern Regional Convention

Lake Tekapo “Where Photography Comes Naturally”

October 4th – 6th 2013

Hosted by Focus Aorangi Photographic Soc Inc., Timaru

Are you coming to Tekapo?  If you are this will be the highlight of our opening night.

Registrations are flowing in; have you booked your spot?

Astro Photography & Lake Tekapo Night Sky

Night Sky PhotoLake Tekapo is a Gold Dark Sky reserve, one of only two Gold Dark Sky reserves in the world.  At this altitude the sky is very clear and ideal for Astro photography.

On the Friday evening, Peter Aldous (Astro photographer and supernova hunter), Robert McTague (astronomer & photographer), with Freidl Hale (Astronomy Guide) will teach you about the night sky, and its content.

Peter and Robert will teach you how to photograph the night sky using your existing camera equipment, they will also give you the opportunity to use your own camera mounted on special Astro photography mounts.  Make sure you bring your cable releases with you.

Together they will illustrate their techniques & inspire you with amazing images of the night sky.

Freidl Hale will give you an exciting tour of the Tekapo night sky as seen with the naked eye. We are sure those who have never had an opportunity like this will learn much as Freidl is an expert in this field.

Take a trip through our website www.tekapo.org.nz and see all the other exciting photographic and learning opportunities that will abound during this weekend at Lake Tekapo.

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