Northern Regional Digital Interclub Results

Congratulations to the Auckland Photographic Society who gained first place in the Northern Regional Digital Interclub Competition. See who contributed to the winning entry, and the other club placings, at the Northern Regional PSNZ page.

Entries from the top four clubs (Auckland Photographic Society, Tauranga Photographic Society, Howick Camera Club and the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club) will go forward to contest the PSNZ Wiltshire Cup Competition. Their image sets are all under wraps until after that is decided.

Competition Reminder

Also a reminder that deadlines are rapidly approaching for three national competitions:

  1. Entries for the fifth round of the PSNZ Canon Online close on 31 October. Please email your entries to Sally Philips LPSNZ, the Canon Online Coordinator, including in your covering email the author’s name, image title, club affiliation and contact details, and PSNZ Honours, if any. See the bylaw and lots more details about the competition at this link.
  2. Entries for the Jack Sprosen Audiovisual Competition close on 16 November. Everything you need to know on this PSNZ page.
  3. Entries for the Dunedin Festival of Photography close on 27 November. See this PSNZ page for more details, including a direct download of the entry form.

Get cracking, and don’t leave it to the last minute to submit your entries for any of these!

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