PSNZ / Canon National Convention – Thursday – Day 2

Day Two of the PSNZ /Canon Convention in Tauranga started with a few house keeping matters from the MC Paul Byrne for the event – check out his great t-shirt!


The Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy AV Salon was shown next, and afterwards Trish MacAuslan was acknowledged for her hard work on these.


Next up was Guy Edwardes – The professional landscape, travel and wildlife photographer based in South West England who has come all the way to talk to us.  He showed us a wonderful collection of images with excellent concise, to the point information about how he got these images. There were great tips for all.


The audience was in great spirits!


The trade stands were popular again today.


There was quite a bit of lens envy going on!


Comparing the 400 2.8 (left) with the 200-400 f 5 right!

6 7

This is Carters Photographic, the local photographic store in Tauranga.


Matt Carter from Carters Photographic…


After morning Tea Julieanne Kost was on the stage and what a brilliant speaker with a great sense of humour. She told us marvellous tips and features in LR – and had the audience laughing all the way through.


Here she is taking a photograph of the great audience!11

After lunch it was off to the workshops that people had booked in to.  This is the workshop with Guy Edwards on Photographing Fungi so we all spent a great deal of the afternoon at ground level!


All that tuition made guy a bit hungy!


After the afternoon workshops it was free time for a bit to go and grab dinner before the evening session- a talk from Christian Fletcher – Landscape guru who works a lot in Adobe Photoshop to get the images looking more like what he imagines them in his head.  He told us he often combined skies from one image to another and even used water for sky in one example.  A very creative photographer.

14 15

And the final part of the evening was the presentation of the FIAP international awards for three photographers. The main criteria for the award of AFIAP and EFIAP distinctions involve the candidate achieving specified levels of success in International Exhibitions that have been patronised by FIAP, over periods of not less than 12 months. Successful applicants will have to gain the required number of acceptances from a mixture of Prints and PDI. These will have to have been obtained from a number of different photographs from a specified number of Exhibitions from a specified number of different countries.

Firstly Trish McAuslan who achieved her AFIAP


Liz Hardley who acheived her EFIAP.


And Lynn Clayton who achieved her ESFIAP.  The ESFIAP distinction is awarded to those persons who have accomplished exceptional services over a long period for the benefit of FIAP.


Congratulations to you all. I’m in awe.

Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep in readiness for their field trips tomorrow. White Island, Helicopter Rides, Rotorua are just some to look forward to.

Images with thanks from Jay Drew.

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  1. Great update. I wish I could have been there to receive my AFIAP certificate. Congratulations to all.

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