PSNZ Canon Online Round 2 Results 2016

Thank you to the authors of the 126 high-quality images submitted for this round.    Many members have managed to upload their images using the PSNZ upload via the members’ page, although there have been a few glitches along the way.

Our judge for this round was Diane Costello LPSNZ from Auckland.  We appreciate the time and expertise given by Diane.  Congratulations go to the top 10 place getters, especially to the superb winning image, ‘Palawan’ by Bernie Velasco.  It must have been hard to choose the top 10 as there were many lovely images.

Entries for Round 3 close on 25 June 2016 and are limited to financial PSNZ members who can submit just one image sized at 1620 x 1080.  Please send your entries to or go to our website.

Top 10 images Round 2 2016 small file

1st Palawan by Bernie Velasco
2nd Glittering on Rustic Objects by Cheryl Muirson
3rd Shadow-play by Louise Savage
4th Shopping-with-mummy by Annette Johnston
5th Australasian harrie -hawk by Jeanette Nee APSNZ
6th Shrouded Taranaki by Tom Wilkinson LPSNZ
7th Ocean-pools by Lorraine Jones APSNZ, GMAPS EFIAP
8th Crepidotus-species by Owen Dunne
9th Old Red by Robyn Carter LPSNZ
10th Strangers-in-the-night by Steve Dukeson

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon on Line Coordinator


Comments from the Judge – Diane Costello LPSNZ:

1st Palawan by Bernie Velasco.  This is a most pleasing image which one could live with forever. With a feeling of holding one’s breath and waiting…The flick of cloud perfectly balances with the boat and water.
2nd Glittering on Rustic Objects – Homage to Charles Dickens by Cheryl Muirson. There is no doubt where your attention is focused, 100% on the bride. The delicacy of the veil is in stark contrast to the harsh background. It’s with interest that one then proceeds to look around at the other objects, all of which are strategically placed to support the bride.

3rd Shadow Play by Louise Savage This image is reminiscent of an Erwin Blumenfeld portrait, a photographer to be admired. The title is half the story with the appearance of a dark form across the lit face. The interplay of faces and the compelling green eye make this a very interesting image.

4th Shopping with Mummy by Annette Johnston LPSNZ. This is such a compelling image which I’ve come back to time and time again. One is sucked into that solid black form with the little girl who looks quite traumatised, and questions arise…. This image does not need a title.

5th Australasian Harrier Hawk by Jeanette Nee APSNZ.  This is nature at its best with such effortlessness; a story of life and death.

6th Shrouded Taranaki by Tom Wilkinson LPSNZ The swirling mist adds great atmosphere to this image. It’s like knowing something well, but there is still intrigue which keeps you coming back constantly to find the answer.

7th Ocean Pools by Lorraine Jones APSNZ GMAPS EFIAP.  I find this image very peaceful and confined within boundaries which are safe. The red rope is the anchor.

8th Crepidotus Species by Owen Dunne A genus of the fungi family, captured in its setting which is interesting and informative added to by beads of water.

9th Old Red by Robyn Carter LPSNZ. I do like this saturated and vibrant image with the feeling of the sky falling and exploding at the same time. The author has elected to marry all the colours together in the most extreme fashion which is appealing.

10th Strangers In The Night by Steve Dukeson. This image is full of movement and colour, with the streets appearing to be alive, and you have captured the beat of the city.


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