2016 PSNZ National Convention – Images from Monday 25th April

Some images of Monday and the last day of the convention.

25.04.16 blog images-3

Jackie Ranken in audience

25.04.16 blog images-4

Mike Langford “Get it Right at Time of Shooting”

25.04.16 blog images-6

CRK & Canon Suitcase Challenge winner Daniel Wong and Gerard Emery from CRKennedy

25.04.16 blog images-7

Nick Rains “The Camera Never Lies?”

25.04.16 blog images-8

Jack Sprosen Gold Medal Winner of the Memorial Trophy – John Hodgson EFIAP/b FAPS AV-FAPS

25.04.16 blog images-10

Murry Cave and Jason Moss, COC member, in background

25.04.16 blog images-11

Norma being presented with the teapot, (left) David Wethey (MC), Richard Loader (MC), Lara Moss (COC), Lynley Foote (COC), Jo Boyd (COC), Norma Bartrum, Murry Cave, Jason Moss (COC)

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