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If you wish to advertise within the CameraTalk newsletter, or have a separate item inserted (print version only), for example, a promotional flyer, contact Paul Whitham, PSNZ Councillor for NZ CameraTalk at


Insert (A4 page) rates are: $150 per 1000 for members; and $200 per 1,000 for non-members.

Deadline for each publication is on the 5th of the month bi-monthly (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep) and on the 1st of Nov each year.

The following sizes and rates apply for advertising in NZ CameraTalk:

All prices are GST exclusive.

 Member RateNon Member
1/8 page (83.5mm w x 63mm h)$115.00$150.00
1/4 page (83.5mm w x 127mm h)$220.00$290.00
1/2 page (170mm w x 172 mm h)$325.00$395.00
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