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Canon Online Results – Round 2, 2017


From Sally Phillips, our Canon Online Co-ordinator:

Time sure flies by, it’s the 1st of May today and results for Round 2 are in. Thank you to our judge – Tracey Scott FPSNZ, FNZIPP, AFIAP from Rotorua – for your time, it is much appreciated.
Congratulations go to: Carolina Dutruel APSNZ from Auckland Henderson Photographic Society, for your beautiful 1st place image ‘Still’. Also to the other 9 place getters, it’s a hard competition to get placed in so well done! If you didn’t place try again next time in Round 3 which closes June 25th.
Please don’t leave it until the last minute to enter. Keep warm and keep taking those lovely images.

Tracey’s comments:

Thank you for once again for the privilege to be asked to Judge this round of Canon online.
There were 137 entries in this round and the variety of subject matter was vast.

The top 30 Images stood out immediately from the rest some of my initial standout Images on scrutiny dint make the grade and that left me with 11 Images which made it a little tricky as the last two both deserved to be included, but 10 It must be so one was let go.

My congratulations to the final 10 and thank you to all the authors who submitted work and who make this competition as challenging as ever to place in.

1st STILL by Carolina Dutruel APSNZ
This Image was a standout from the very first time I saw it, a very simple and serene Image yet at the same time very powerful, showing me the beauty and innocence of this young girl and hints of the great beauty she will grow into in a few years’ time.
The lighting, posing and composition have been very thoughtfully handled.

2nd THE TRAP MADE by Kerry Saul
This was another of those wow factor Images.
Great symmetry combined with the use of Black and white to remove distractions and an interesting camera angle has created a very beautiful and unusual study of this spider.

3rd A DAY FISHING by Constance Fein Harding
So very Monet, a delightful impressionistic Image that conjures up all the wonderful sunny feelings and memories of summer days.

4th THE CLASH by Helena Gratkowski
A very cleverly composed Image and the stormy moody sky add to the drama. Would like to have seen the entire sword at the top, as it is the sword leaves the Image and leads the viewer’s eye out of the frame

There are so many astro Images on the net today that one can become a little desensitised to their beauty, but this one had the extra wow factor for me, the pathway leading to the lighthouse and that wonderful light being emitted from the lighthouse into the darkness. My only distraction was the hint of the sun to the right competing a little with the main attractions.

6th THE SPIRAL MANOUVRE by Lezanne Gibbs
The decisive moment well captured. A very good photo journalistic capture, the use of B&W has helped keep distractions to a minimum and good use of tonal range and vignette to keep the viewers eye contained on the action.

7th NATURES TEAR DROP by Stephanie Forrester LPSNZ
A serene gentle understated Image with strong diagonal composition and lovely soft colour palette along with shallow depth of field draws the viewer to the droplet, there is no second guessing what the photographer wanted us to focus on.

A fun, vibrant almost carnivals like colours, tones and textures add to the quirky steampunk type subject matter. I’d like to have seen a little more in the reflection in the goggles to add even more depth to the image.

9th SAFE PASSAGE by Barbara Lee APSNZ
This is one of those Images that grew on me each time I viewed it. I enjoyed the twisted turbulent undertones, giving me nervous butterflies for those on board and reminding us all that we are always at the peril of the ocean when we voyage out into its vast green seas.

10th DEW DROPS by Shona Jaray APSNZ
In some ways very similar to the 7th place and for a moment I wondered if it was the same author then reminded myself that only one entry per person. I enjoyed the simplicity of the image and the tension created by the sheer weight of those three droplets on that tiny leaf tip.

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