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Request to Competition Secretary or Club Spokesperson

The PSNZ Judge Accreditation Panel (JAP) is responsible for assessing the suitability of members who apply to become PSNZ accredited judges. The Panel has a training and mentoring system and seeks feedback from clubs on its trainees’ performances. This is a critical part of the training programme and assists the JAP by providing information on how the trainee is developing, in terms of presentation skills, their ability to apply a well considered critique that fairly assesses an image and provides useful feedback to inform the author and the audience. Your feedback on their judging performance is an important part of our assessment of their progress towards becoming an accredited judge. Your honest feedback is invaluable and is much appreciated.

This questionnaire is now an online form (below), please fill in the details and submit.

Whilst this questionnaire was initially developed as part of the training programme and for feedback on performance of trainees, we do believe that all PSNZ accredited judges should be prepared to receive feedback since this will ultimately result in a better standard of judging and an improved service to clubs.

Please complete this form (below) after the judging.

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