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Request to Competition Secretary or Club Spokesperson

This questionnaire is now an online form (below), please fill in the details and submit.

For the last two years or so under the judge training/mentoring system we have been using a questionnaire which gets sent to clubs who use a trainee judge, to provide the Judge Accreditation Panel with information on how the trainee is developing:-

Your judge for this competition has applied to become a PSNZ accredited judge. As part of their preparation for this important role they must demonstrate, to the Accreditation Panel, that they have the attributes expected of accredited judges. These include presentations skills and the ability to apply a well-considered critique that fairly assesses an image and provides useful feedback to inform the author and the audience. Your feedback on their judging performance is an important part of our assessment of their suitability to become an accredited judge. Your honest feedback is invaluable and much appreciated.

We have been asked to make this questionnaire available to clubs to use for those judges who are already PSNZ Accredited.

If your club is going to complete this questionnaire and return it to the judge Accreditation Panel we ask that you do the following:-

  • Please let the judge know that you will be evaluating them
  • Ask if they are happy to be evaluated and advise that the form will be sent to the Judge Accreditation Panel 
  • Please advise that the Judge Accreditation Panel may contact them to discuss feedback

Please complete this form (below) after the judging.

PrintDigital Projected Image
Subject (if any)

In personWritten CommentsAudio FileOther


YesNo (GO TOQ2)IF YES: Did your entries do as well as you expected?Yes, about as well as I expectedNo, not as well as I expectedNot sure

Yes, veryYes, quiteNot particularlyUndecided



Yes, veryYes, quiteNot reallyUndecided

YesNot reallyUndecided

Yes, veryYes, quiteNot reallyUndecided

Much too longA bit too longAbout rightA bit too shortDefinitely too shortUndecided

Yes (CONTINUE)No (GO TOQ11)Undecided (GO TO Q11)

IF YES, What aspects or type(s) of work did he/she seem to favour?

Yes (CONTINUE)No (GO TOQ12)Undecided (GO TO Q12)

IF YES, What aspects or type(s) of work did he/she seem to be biased against?

Much too hardA bit too hardAbout rightA bit too soft Much too softVariableVery VariableUndecided

Yes, they were given and followed the briefNo, they did not have a briefNo, they were given a brief but did NOT follow it

A lot too manyA few too manyAbout the right numberNot quite enoughNot nearly enoughUndecided/NA

Very goodQuite goodSo-soNot so goodUndecided

Yes, definitelyYes, probablyNot sureProbably notDefinitely not

YesNo, To longNo, To short

This judge inspired me.This judge irritated me.This judge couldn't see beyond technical shortcomings, as he/she saw them.This judge critiqued all the images in a positive and encouraging way.This judge seemed to have a very narrow viewpoint.This judge gave the same reason for rejecting lots of images, despite some not deserving to be rejected for the reason given.We should have more judges like this one.


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