33rd FIAP Black and White Biennial


Invitation for Entries

The PSNZ invites members to submit images for consideration for selection for this year’s PSNZ entry into the FIAP 33rd Black and White Print Biennial being judged in Korea on 30 May.  At least one of the New Zealand prints will be  included as a part of the B & W Exhibition being displayed in Korea during the 33rd FIAP Congress in late August this year.  About forty countries will be entering and we are aiming for a top ten finish.

The theme for the PSNZ entry is:

Maori People

This entry intends to illustrate New Zealand Maori people and/or culture through a variety of images in portraits, documentary style, street photography or lifestyle genres.

Our entry will be a portfolio of ten 30x40cm B & W images, which will be printed in Auckland (at no cost to the successful authors). The final selection will be a portfolio which is coherent from the point of view of inspiration and conception, as well as from the point of view of realisation and presentation – similar to an APSNZ portfolio.

The Biennial will be awarded as follows:

  • Black and White World Cup for the best national federation. The authors of the country coming first each receive an honourable mention.
  • FIAP Gold medal for the country which comes second.
  • FIAP Silver medal for third place.
  • FIAP Bronze medal for fourth.
  • Six honourable mentions for the countries which come 5th to 10th.
  • One FIAP gold medal, two FIAP silver medals and three FIAP bronze medals plus five Special Prizes from The Photo Artists Society of Korea will be awarded for individual works of exceptional quality.  Each author can only receive one prize.
  • Each selected author will receive a catalogue (format 21x21cm).  At least one New Zealand work will be reproduced, as well as all prize-winning works.

The selectors for the NZ submission will be:

  • Moira Blincoe LPSNZ

“Do ensure that you have the permission of your subject(s) to exhibit any image you submit.”

You are invited to submit a maximum of two borderless images in jpeg format only; 30x40cm (landscape or portrait format); compression 10, at 300 dpi. Please include your name as a part of the file name.  The PSNZ entry can only have one image per author.  Unsuccessful image files will be deleted shortly after the selection process is concluded.  No watermarks are to be included on images.

Images that do not meet above criteria will not be considered for selection.

The selectors decision will be final.  Each entrant will be advised of the outcome of their submission.

If you have any queries please email Lynn Clayton lynnmc@ihug.co.nz or Brian Cudby brian-pat.cudby@xtra.co.nz

Send your entries to Brian Cudby with “FIAP B & W Biennial 2016” in the “Subject” box by Friday 15 April 2016, but preferably sometime in March.

For more information about this FIAP Biennial go to:


So get out there and start shooting.


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