Canon Online 2017 Winner

The Canon On Line 2017 competition was well supported throughout the year. Thank you to all who entered making this competition an interesting one.

Hearty congratulations goes to the winner for 2017, Carolina Dutruel, APSNZ, AFIAP (pictured below).

Carolina was placed in 4 out of the 6 Rounds during the year with 8th in Round 1, 1st in Round 2, 1st in Round 5 and 5th in Round 6. Here are Carolina’s 4 place getting images:

Round 1 – 8th Captured Carolina Dutruel APSNZ, AFIAP
Round 2 – 1st Still Carolina Dutruel APSNZ, AFIAP
Round 5 – 1st One Carolina Dutruel APSNZ, AFIAP
Round 6 – 5th Flautist Carolina Dutruel APSNZ AFIAP

(Apologies to those who received this post twice, there was an error in the code in the previous post that we have corrected.  Thank you to those who highlighted this issue.)

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