CameraTalk has a New Editor


Annikka Pugh is a graphic designer and a photographer living in Westport and a member of the Buller Camera Club.  We are delighted that Annikka has agreed to take over the Editor’s role for CameraTalk.

Annikka has also given CameraTalk a design tweek which we’ll present to you in the final edition for 2015.

The deadline for the next CameraTalk is November 2, 2015.

Please send all your contributions to Annikka at Email  Her contact telephone number is (03) 789-6650.

Contributions should be sent as a .txt file or jpeg images which generally should open to no more than 150mm x 100mm at 300 dpi, compressed to medium or high quality.

For any general queries relating to editorial or advertising in CameraTalk please contact PSNZ Councillor Rodney Adamson on Email

We extend our thanks and appreciation to former Editor Eva Polak who has done an excellent job of editing and laying-up CameraTalk and liaising with the many members and affiliated club members for many years.

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