Canon Online 2017 – Results of Round 1

I am so pleased we had a great start to the year with 143 entrants sending in some beautiful work in for our judge Scott Fowler APSNZ EEIAP PPSA from Christchurch. Scott is a busy man but has been very kind in giving his time to select the top 10 images Thank you Scott it is very much appreciated. Congratulations go to the top 10 authors but especially to Tom Wilkinson LPSNZ from Napier with your beautiful image ‘Taranaki Falls’.

Scotts comments follow:

What a great selection of images I had to choose from, it was a very hard task to select only ten images from the wealth of talent submitted.

1st Tom Wilkinson – LPSNZ Taranaki Falls – A simple yet powerful B&W image. I felt this image was an outstanding B&W with excellent use of light and shadows, a must for a good B&W.

2nd David Skinner – Ibis – An unusual high key image that caught my eye straight away as I looked through the images, excellent tones. Another excellent simple yet powerful image.

3rd – Lezanne Gibbs The colours of Hoi An – A vibrant image, with in my opinion a nice balance of colours. The cyclists face is well exposed and I believe this has added to the overall appeal for me. A nice story telling image with plenty of points of interest
to hold my attention.

4th Allysa Carberry – Those eyes – yes the eyes have it for me, they are big and inquiring, I like the overall treatment you have done on this image it adds to the overall appeal for me.

5th Maggie Mabon – Fire and Water – I loved the vibrance of the reds in this image with the sharp water droplet holding court at the edge of the abyss.

6th Jeanette Elaine Nee APSNZ – New Zealand Tui – This tui does not look too happy with whatever is going on. The colours are excellent, detail looks good, I particularly enjoy the look on the Tui s face it is priceless.

7th Emily Morgan – Extreme Pedicure – Having been a farrier as a past job, I enjoyed this image, and the story it told me, I especially liked the hoof dust captured in the air with a good B&W treatment been added to this image.

8th Carolina Dutruel – Captured – Portrait of a young lady, I feel the treatment you have given this image has worked well and added a timeless feel to it, eye contact and detail have been well handled and drew my eye straight to them, always a good thing in portraiture.

9th Martin Kohn – Scuppered – A stormy day at sea, I could feel the cold and wet conditions in this image. The treatment used I feel has helped this.

10th Daniel Wong – Catharsis – A nice B&W image using a long exposure, this image I feel has worked well with the placement of the spit of land, the human out near the end and you have good separation between the person and the land.

Small file Top 10 images PSNZ COL Round 1  2017_edited-1

Round 2 closes on the 25th April so you can send your images now.

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon on Line Coordinator

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