Canon Online 2018 Round 2 Results

Our Judge this round is Lynn Clayton Hon PSNZ APSNZ EFIAP ESFIAP Thank you so much Lynn for giving your time and expertise it is much appreciated.

Congratulations go to the winner of this round, Mark Berger APSNZ for his interesting image ‘Lookers’ Well Done Mark for giving us something a little different, and to the other 9 place getters well done!

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon on Line Coordinator 

Lynn’s comments:

This month 90 members submitted their work for selection. The standard of the work varied tremendously. The top 20 or so images were world class and it was very difficult to whittle down to only 10. How does one approach the selection? For me I initially wanted to see unique or original work, to see the photographers input. However the nature images are strong and you cannot ignore the talent required to achieve some of these. Then there are traditional landscapes, again difficult to come up with a new angle. I looked for an emotional response over and above technical excellence. With much of the manipulated work I felt the stories became contrived or a small area was out of kilter. When it came to choosing 10 one has to nit-pick. One of my favourite images had a sun spots so in the end it was out. Tough I know. The ten final images all spoke to me in different ways. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

1st Lookers by Mark Berger APSNZ
Initially I didn’t see the second face; however once I did this image became hauntingly beautiful. The image asked me questions and my eye kept returning to the darker story lurking behind the shop model! Extra marks for showing me something unique.

2nd Black Swan in morning mist by Hartmut Joschonek
Another hauntingly beautiful yet very simple image. The photographer has presented a very normal everyday scene in a very dramatic way. The swan with a touch of red commanded attention in an ethereal background, very well presented.

3rd Just Chillin by ’Kathy Pantling
I fell in love; seriously this is jam packed with emotion. This little dog was shot in beautiful light, the softness and shallow depth of field added a romantic feel. Just look at those eyes. Beautiful.

4th The Cricklewood Clydesdales by Louise Savage LPSNZ
Another strong image where the viewer feels as though they are right there riding these horses. The early morning mist and sun rays adding to the atmosphere. This image shows a perspective seldom seen and I really commend you for the angle of view and choosing monochrome.

5th Inner City by Jo Curtis LPSNZ
Quirky comes to mind. I deliberated over this image at length. Two sides of the story here and yet it worked for me. The placement of the focal point or punctum (pink window) was integral to holding this together. Maybe a multiple exposure, maybe not, whatever it was well thought out by the photographer, breaks a few rules and challenges the viewer. I really enjoyed this unusual perspective and approach.

6th Gannet chick feeding by Julie Salisbury
Nature photographs don’t always do well in an open competition. However this image really takes you into the life of a Gannet and Chick. Sharp, interesting, unusual and yet has the lovely soft bokeh in the background. A very accomplished work.

7th Bird of Paradise by Sally Phillips APSNZ 
I’m not normally a fan of black backgrounds with flowers however this is stunning. The colours, sharpness and luminosity are exquisite. This is simple, clean and perfection.

8th Mt Maunganui Sunrise by Annemarie Clinton
I’ve seldom seen an image as good as this of Mt Maunganui. Yes a superb evening however the photographer has also chosen the right shutter speed to smooth the water and yet not loose detail. Good composition and my eye swept around to the small brightly lit area and then drifted back into the centre. A very pleasing shot lifted from the realms of chocolate box by superb lighting.

9th Early morning at the Taj Mahal by Lynn Fothergill LPSNZ
Photographing icons and stamping the image as unique is a real challenge. This building is photographed literally thousands of times every single day so approaching the subject and creating something special is beyond most of us. Congratulations on bringing us this artistic and original interpretation.

10th Dreamy Poppies by Stephanie Handley APSNZ
Another image that my eye kept returning too. Not your everyday interpretation of a poppy for sure. It is almost like an X-ray, and I loved the luminosity you managed to get in those stamens. The three points kept my eye within the frame and in the end I had to include this in my top ten.



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