Canon Online Photographer of the year 2020

The results of the final round for 2020 of the Canon Online have been released and the winner is: Val Burns from Taupo.

The overall winner of the PSNZ Canon Online Photographer of the Year is Julie de Cleene.  Each round the top ten images receive points (1-10), plus every entry gains 1 point.  The top photographers on aggregate points were:

Julia De Cleene 27 points Four top ten placings
Deborah Martin 23        Three top ten
Peter Rodgers 21        Two top ten
Bryan Lay Yee 20        Two top ten
Marie Bilodeau 20        Two top ten
Derek Teague 18        Two top ten
Karl Tretheway 18        Three top ten

The Trophy will be presented at Vision 2021 in April.

The top image in each round also received a trophy.  The Round winners were:
Round 1 Sheree Anderton
Round 2 Kurien Koshy Yohannan
Round 3 Karen Moffatt-McLeod
Round 4 Allysa Carberry
Round 5 Bryan Lay Yee
Round 6 Val Burns

The top ten placings and trophies have been widely spread around, showing there is plenty of competition out there and strong quality.  Congratulations to all those who have done so well.

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