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PSNZ Canon Online
Results from Round 4, 2016

We’ve completed another round, with just 54 images compared with 153 at the same time last year. Our judge was Colin Tyler LPSNZ and I’m very grateful to Colin for stepping in at short notice. Thanks too to Shona Kebble APSNZ for helping with last-minute organisation at a stressful time for me. It’s often hard to find someone who has the time to judge this competition, and I’d love to hear from people who are available to help us.

Congratulations go to Robin Short APSNZ from Waiuku for her artistic winning image Snowstorm and to the other nine placed photographers. If your image didn’t gain a place, please continue to enter.

Entries for Round 5 close on 25 October 2016 and are limited to financial PSNZ members who can submit just one image sized at 1620 x 1080. All entries are to be submitted online; go to and enter under the Member Login area.

Sally Phillips APSNZ
PSNZ Canon Online Coordinator

Comments from the judge – Colin Tyler LPSNZ

It didn’t take long to select the top 12, but it took some time to get down to just 10. The hard part was going through the top 10, all wonderful and great images. The photographers should be very proud of them.

1st Snowstorm by Robin Short APSNZ
This image gives me a feeling of a fantasy children’s story. It appears the little girl is going to fly if the dog runs. The post work is extremely well done. Looking at it again and again, I could almost feel the trees moving in the wind.

2nd The pain of finishing second by Liz Hardley FPSNZ LRPS EFIAP/b
I kept coming back to this image as I really loved the girl’s expression; the title explains the pain and the expression. The position in the frame works and the angle towards the others in the background adds to the image.

3rd Into the darkness by James King –Turner
A nice simple image with great leading lines that take you up to the focal point. The light on the wake is just right. It feels like a peaceful fishing trip.

4th Misty morning by Tom Wilkinson LPSNZ
A simple yet very moody image. The shape of the dark tree and the reflection lead you into the mist and the lighter trees in the background. The space on the right adds a lot to the mood of the image.

5th Treasured by Carolina Dutruel
Lovely soft lighting. I love the expression, the head gear is strong, but I’m always drawn to her eyes. The pose and expression adds to showing her young innocence which I feel is what the photographer is trying to show.

6th Romancing by Allysa Carberry
I really liked the colour and the pose of the couple in this image. Even though they are not looking at each other I feel the closeness and love between them. His words to her and her shyness make the image.

7th Another way across the street by Sarah Caldwell
This image has great vertical and diagonal lines working with the reflection, leading you right into the image. The position of the woman helps let you look further into the image.

8th Vanity personified by Paul Whitham
This is a busy image, but I kept coming back to it and seeing more interest in the picture. Each mirror helps create the full image of the man. The post work is very good. Having the one mirror without a face just adds more interest.

9th Windswept by Kathy Richards
You can almost hear the waves and the wind in the image. The tones and the treatment work really well together. The two birds add an extra element to it. The vignette and the lightness almost soften the windy environment.

10th Shelter together by Noline Skeet
A nice vertical blurred image, yet you can still see enough detail in the couple with the umbrella. It gives me a feeling of a dark, wet, romantic evening walk. The diagonal lines help lead you into the image.

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