Canon Online Results 6th Round 2017

From Sally Phillips, our Canon Online Co-ordinator:

Our Judge this time was Shona Kebble  APSNZ  From Auckland who stepped in at the last minute.  Thank you so much Shona for your time and expertise it is much appreciated.

Our Congratulations go to Pauline Smith LPSNZ from Takanini for your lovely image it’s very pretty and dream like.  Congratulations also to the other 9 place getters.

Have a Safe   Happy New Year 2018

 Shona’s Comments follow

1st   Other-worldly Pauline Smith LPSNZ
This image transported me to a fairyland world. I enjoyed the colours, the bokeh and the placement of the main water droplet in the image. The droplet is sharp and is illuminated nicely.

2nd     The Chase     Glenda Rees
You have caught the moment precisely. I really like the diagonal created by the bird and it is concentrating on the little bug in front of its face. The spread of the tail feathers as it adjusts its flying angle gives the bird more interest. I also like the space you have left around the bird. It feels free and not cramped into a tight frame.

3rd   I tua atu i te ma (Beyond White) Cheryl Muirson   APSNZ
This is a very creative use of two images. I like the way that the structure creates a halo for the lady’s face. Eliminating the colour from the image and just leaving the red lips, black eyes and nose keeps me completely focused on the face.

4th   Isolated   Jo Curtis LPSNZ
This triptych has been cleverly constructed. Each part is an image in itself. I like the moody feel of the image and the progression from 1 tree to 2 trees then the group of buildings work well. The drop shadow used on each window makes it stand out from the background.

5th   Flautist   Carolina Dutruel  APSNZ  AFIAP
The light in this image is exquisite. The flute leads me nicely to the face as does the shoulder of her left arm. The triangular shape created by the flute, her arm and her head gives the image strength.

6th   Love and sensibility  Mary Livingston LPSNZ
This shows a beautiful tender moment between mother and baby. The emotion shows in the mothers face and the baby is totally secure in its mother’s arms. The black and white treatment suits the subject and the textures in the skin and hair are great.

7th Porrtrait of White-Fronted Terns   Marie Bilodeau  LPSNZ
What got me about this image is the way the wing of the adult cuddles around the baby keeping it safe. Both birds faces are nice and sharp. The baby seems to be echoing the parent with the open beak.

8th   Pieces of Eight Bill Hodges    EFIAP APSNZ
The story telling aspect of this image has been very well done. All elements come together nicely to help to tell that story. I enjoyed the creativity and the way the man stands out from his background. The little touches like the birds and lightening add interest.

9th   You looking at me  Caroline Ludford  LPSNZ, LRPS
A stunning bird portrait. Those sharp eyes, looking directly at you, draw you in. The mouth being open gives it more interest that if it was closed. The bird stands out well and the colours all work well together.

10th    He won’t bite Annette Johnston LPSNZ
I love the interaction between these two. The guy has got down to the child’s level and is really engaging with her. There is nothing obtrusive taking our eye away from the main players.  A very nice story told here. The light is lovely.


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