Canon PSNZ Online – Round 1 Results

We had a whopping 157 images in this first round for 2020 – a great start to the year – with a new entry system and new coordinator.
The judge for this round is Cushla Moorhead. She writes:

It was a privilege and a fantastic experience to do this job. Thank you for asking me. I loved seeing all these wonderful images. It was fun to go through them although much much harder to sort them. The first five were easier but after that the competition was very close.

A bit about myself first. I live in sunny Motueka and belong to the camera club there. I have a background in art as well as photography. I have my Diploma of Digital Photography and my diploma of Art and Creativity and am an accredited judge for the PSNZ. I love exploring nature and the natural world.
My web site –

Judge’s comments

1st – 116 – Get off Me. It’s Mine.
The clarity of the image draws attention to the story and made me laugh. The colours all harmonise. The movement in the wings bring it to life. Beautiful background that show the birds to advantage.

2nd – 002 – Missing You.
A very poignant rendering and very creative. There is so much detail to explore.

3rd – 003 – Sahara Dunes
Strong bold complementary colours help this image to stand out. The lines flow and draw my attention yet it is the little details of the bits of grass and the other less obvious lines that makes this image.

4th- 004 – Godwit Gossip.
What a great story. Beautiful details and a quirky take on these birds. Made me chuckle.

5th – 080- Into the Mist.
Soft lighting gives it a mystique. and a calmness. The lines draw me in and I want to go further. I feel the warm colour of the jetty and rails lifts it.

6th – 126 -At The Hangi.
Powerfully portrayed moment with a clear story.

7th – 065 -Grand Ma’s Chair.
A very evocative image. Harmony of colour and tones with lots of possessions to convey the message. I thought of all the lovely grandmothers I’ve known.

8th – 061 – Good Day Surfing.
The lighting of the spray and a high shutter speed highlights the minute details of the wave. It emphasises the power and size of the wave and the expertise of the rider.

9th – 045- Cousins.
The lovely connection between the two cousins as the little one learns to play is palpable. The soft lighting enhances the atmosphere. I love that look of concentration that only young ones have and yet it feels peaceful and relaxed. Time spent together.

10th – 084 -Going Driverless.
I feel like I’m being whizzed along. There is a sense of speed. Exciting and powerful with the lines all disappearing round the corner. Lots of repetition and contrast give it movement.

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