National Convention Dunedin 2018 Field Trip – Dunedin Gasworks Museum

Convention participants have two quite distinct field trip opportunities to choose from (or do both) when it comes to the visit to the Dunedin Gasworks Museum.

Both of these trips are going to cater for those looking for something a bit different. This is no ordinary museum; this is a place where you can wander around at
will and explore spaces still black with dust. It operated from 1863 until 1987, and is one of only three preserved sites still existing in the world.  The museum features a unique collection of 5 steam pumping engines (which remain where they spent their working lives) and an older engine imported from Scotland in 1868.

The Friday Field trip is sponsored by Nikon NZ Ltd. Nikon representatives will join you on this trip with a selection of the latest Nikon equipment for you to try.  As an added extra, in addition to the normal gasworks buildings and machinery, the forge will be operating during this field trip.

On the Saturday excursion to the museum, sponsored by Fuji NZ Ltd, focus will shift from the forge to Steampunk. Members of the local Steampunk group will be available for portraits throughout the morning. Their eclectic clothing has a perfect fit with the museum.  Convention speaker Frank Pawluk – with his many years’ experience as a professional portrait photographer and educator – will attend the Saturday morning trip to answer questions and inspire your photography. As this trip is partnered with Fuji, they will have a representative present with an excellent selection of the latest Fuji equipment for you to try, including the fast fixed portrait lenses and the new Fuji GFX camera.

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