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Instilling Emotion via Photoshop

Helen McLeod is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and holds a Gold Portfolio Distinction with the Photographic Society of America. She has been tutoring photography for many years in tertiary institutions and runs six Landscape workshops annually in central Otago.

In this workshop you will learn The What, Why and How of Photoshop Image Enhancement including:

Basic Photoshop means of enhancing the images captured from any genre of photography;

Why this is important – a way to instil the emotion you felt at the time of capture, to pull out the hidden potential of any photograph; and

How we can bring to life any image and let our uniqueness shine through our photography.

Check out this AV which gives numerous before and after examples

The workshop will be held at the Penny Room of Risingholme Learning in Christchurch starting at 12.00 noon Friday 15 March and ending Sunday 17th March at around 4.00pm.

Friday 15 March 2024 (12pm)
We begin the workshop by looking at ways of getting the most from your photography as an introduction to the coming days and revising essential Photoshop skills. Then we will venture out with our cameras to capture some images that you will process during the workshop.  (You are also welcome to bring some unprocessed images with you as well to work on.)

Saturday 16 March 2024 (9am – 4pm)
Helen will demonstrate her approach to the assessment of her images and how she brings them into line with her vision at the time she pressed the shutter button.  During this time she will provide a brief explanation of Photoshop’s basic features (such as layers, adjustment layers and masks) and how they are employed to instil the emotion back into our images to bring them to life and really make them our own.  Images will be supplied upon which we will work together encompassing several techniques.

Sunday 17 March 2024 (9am – 4pm)
Using examples from her own work we will look at some slightly more advanced, or alterative, methods of enhancing our images (painting like a Renaissance painter, darkening versus lightening, adding lens flares, working non-destructively, cropping, vignettes).  You will then apply all your newly found skills to your own images on your laptops, revealing the hidden potential you captured.  From here we will briefly touch on more artistic means to bring our personalities to our images (overlays/textures, borders).

What to Bring

  • Camera, tripod, and your favourite landscape lens
  • Laptop with Photoshop downloaded and installed.  Please make sure you have loads of space on your laptop as Photoshop images can get large quickly.  Working on and from an external hard drive is a great way to work and makes your laptop run quicker.
  • A USB (Windows compatible) stick upon which images supplied will be loaded to work on as a group.
  • Images taken previously that you would like to process.
  • A sense of fun and a willingness to learn!
  • (Chocolate for your tutor/educator!)
  • Water bottle, snacks, and lunches for both days.

Fee $230

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of the PSNZ Workshop Series and that the workshops are generally for small groups and often over-subscribed, cancellations can have a significant financial and attendance effect on the workshop. Although we will do everything possible to ensure our workshops proceed, sometimes there are things beyond our control.

PSNZ reserve the right to postpone or cancel due unforeseen circumstances e.g. covid level affects, facilitator illness, venue access issues etc. In the event we do cancel a planned workshop, we will attempt to inform attendees as soon as possible and in most cases you will be given an alternative date to attend or provided with a full refund of the workshop costs.

If a workshop is postponed, then first right of refusal will be given to those who were already booked on that workshop.

Should a workshop fail to attract a required minimum number of attendees, PSNZ reserve the right to cancel the workshop.

PSNZ will not accept responsibility for travel and accommodation costs incurred by attendees.

In the event that an attendee booked for the workshop does not turn up, no refund will be given.

No refund will be given if attendee cancels within 30 days of the workshop date unless another person on the waiting list can take their place at short notice. A small administration fee of $20 will apply and be deducted from any refund.

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