Workshop 9

PSNZ-WSS- Graham Dainty-1

This workshop is for first time workshop attendees and those who regard their level of photography as beginner/novice.


Graham Dainty FPSNZ has been seriously photographing for over 30 years and still loves it.

The finding of worthy images in any location is always a challenge and then there is once you have seen something how do I deal with it to get the best out of it and from that moment.  This workshop is about doing just that.  It is a Seeing & Visual Design workshop aimed at beginner / intermediate photographers who know their cameras but are wishing to improve their photography.

Level of fitness required for participants: Medium level of fitness required for some walking to location.

This workshop starts on the Friday night and concludes on the Sunday afternoon.

Cost:  $180  Log in to the members area to sign up for this Workshop

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