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FIAP life Card orders and User Name registration

FIAP now requires that anyone applying for a Distinction, or attending a FIAP meeting needs to register for a ‘FIAP Photographers Life Card’ and a personal username ID number (profile) first.

This also applies to applicants going for EFIAP or higher. They will need to register for their personal username also.

NB this must be done before your dossiers are sent up to FIAP (23 October) because both the personal username (FP-XXXXXXX) and card number 554.xxxxx, need to be included in the application papers. FIAP will not proceed with your dossier unless these numbers are there.

All FIAP Life card orders are to be processed through the platform (

All FIAP photographers are required to create a one-off, free personal profile on the platform.

Note that this procedure is limited to one account per user and per email address.

1 MyFIAP Login/Profile:

  • Go to the profile creation page here:
  • The creation of the profile is straightforward, and a tutorial video is provided at the top of the profile creation page (
  • You will be notified by email (check spam filter) that your account is pending approval.
  • After validation by the FIAP distinction service, you will be notified that the account is active.
  • You will also be issued your username (FP-XXXXXXX) required for login, and will be prompted to set your password.
  • You should store your username/profile and password carefully for future login in to the MyFIAP website.
  • This FP number is also required when submitting your dossier application.
  • The information you provide will remain confidential and limited to FIAP use only for the card generation and shipping
  • Along with your personal information, you will also need to upload a recent high-resolution portrait picture of yourself, to be used for FIAP life cards

IMPORTANT: when creating your profile, you must indicate your current distinctions. If you do not have a distinction yet you must leave this area blank

2  Photographers Applying for their first FIAP Life Card

  • This will apply to those intending to apply for their first FIAP Distinction (AFIAP). It will also apply to those who wish to attend the FIAP meetings and congresses, and do not hold FIAP Distinctions.
  • As you do not hold FIAP Distinctions, you can apply for this card at any time of year.
  • After activation of your account, you will be able to order a FIAP Life Card (without distinction) right away, with your new username/profile number (FP-XXXXXXX) and personal password on the login page ( this Life Card number is also required for your application and will be preceded with our FIAP country number of 554, followed by a 5 digit card number e.g. 554.xxxxx


  • Apply for your FIAP profile number as above
  • Order and pay for your card, plus postage, directly through that website.
  • You will also be emailed your FIAP Photographer Card Number immediately after purchasing your card.
  • FIAP will post the card directly to you at your address. This card should be stored carefully as you will need the Card number for future Distinctions applications and attendance at FIAP events.
  • It is costly to replace these cards so don’t lose it.
  • This is a different number to the FIAP Photographers Number (FP Profile Number) you received when you set up your MyFIAP login.

3  Photographers who have gained New FIAP Distinctions and wish to replace their FIAP Life Card to update their Distinctions

Photographers applying for a distinction update through their Liaison Officer will also need to create their personal profile (FP-XXXXXXX) online if they don’t already have one, with their actual current distinctions before the upgrade. They should not apply for a card at this stage as it will have their old distinction on it.

After submitting your profile on

  • Once your new distinction has been granted by FIAP, FIAP will update your profile page with the new distinction, and you will receive an email informing you of this, and informing you that if you want a replacement FIAP Card with your new Distinctions on it, that you can order one.
  • You may then login and order your FIAP life card with your new FIAP distinction.
  • Do not pay for it as it is done through PSNZ.
  • The Liaison Officer will be notified of your order online and it will be sent along with the others in the grouped order for updated FIAP Life Cards to be produced.
  • The group Life Card application can only be sent once a year and for PSNZ it is after the Liaison Officer has been formally notified of the awarded distinctions by FIAP.
  • PSNZ will pay for the bulk life card order, and send you an invoice later.
  • After production, the card batch will be shipped to the Liaison Officer for individual distribution to the photographers.
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