FIAP Life Card Promotion.

The new Director for FIAP cards has further developed this highly coveted badge and has assigned a hologram to it as a security mark. As of now each photographer will have a consistent ID-number – and for the first time this will allow clear identifications in the event of applications and distinctions.

For a limited time as of now until July 15, 2016 at the latest, FIAP offers to all holders of FIAP Life Cards with issue date between 2000 – February 2016 free exchange of cards. For this purpose the order form together with a current photo has to be sent to the Director Balasi Csaba until July 15, 2016 at the latest. The newly produced Life Cards will then be handed over to the Liaison Officers during the FIAP Congress 2016 in South Korea.


For those FIAP Life Card holders who are interested the application form is available on the FIAP web-site.  Simply download and complete the form, embed the required photo in it and send it digitally to Brian Cudby ( together with the digital personal photo before Sunday 9 July.  Brian will consolidate the requests and send an order form to the Director for FIAP Cards, uplift the newly produced cards at the FIAP Seoul Congress and send them to you when he returns to New Zealand in mid October.


fiap badge

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