Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon 2015

Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon 2015 – Open for Entries

We would like to invite you to enter the 2015 competition and join us in the 19th annual running of the Salon.


Still Waters by Nori Kim- Silver Medal 2015

To enter, please upload your entries on our website. No entries posted to us on a CD will be accepted this year. Everything on the web site will work just the same as last year so head to the Laurie Thomas Entry Registration Page and share your best New Zealand landscapes with the rest of the country.

Up to 4 digital images in total may be submitted for the unchanged entry fee of $20.

The Judges for 2013 are Elizabeth Passuello  FPSNZ  FNPSNZ  AAPS  EFIAP(Chair), John Reid  APSNZ  ANPSNZ  AFIAP, Peter Robertson  LPSNZ

The Salon will be judged in Greymouth.

One trophy will be awarded to the overall Salon winner. Silver and bronze medals will be awarded together with honours and acceptance certificates for other successful images. All entrants will receive a printed catalogue of winning images.

The closing time for entries is 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 24th 2015

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