Nelson National Triptych Salon – Exhibition Opening and Awards Ceremony

As the wine went down and the food was being finished the  guests at  the 2014 Nelson National Triptych Salon Exhibition Opening enjoyed a first viewing of this year’s award winning prints and projected images.

Winner of the Champion Print award, for her image “Silo Park Triptych”, Sarah Caldwell (below right) received her hand-made triptych trophy from Sally Mason. A selector for the Salon, Sally presented the trophy on behalf of Post Haste Couriers who are a major sponsor of the competition. The Triptych Team were particularly grateful to Sarah who travelled from her home in Auckland specially to be present at the awards ceremony in Nelson.

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Barry Doig who gained an Honours for his print ” Ashes to Art” was another award winner who enjoyed receiving his certificate from Sally. “I look forward to receiving a hug” he said. And he wasn’t disappointed!


Local Hanafins Camera and Video owner -manager Bob Toepfer represented the Salon’s other major sponsor, Canon, in presenting certificates to, amongst others, David Skinner (below right)  who received an Acceptance for his projected image ” Browsing”.


Triptych Team Leader Don Pittham, made a particular point of thanking not only the supporters and major sponsors of the Salon, but also all those who had entered the Salon; without entrants the hard work of the Triptych Team would be for nought.

Don's Tripytych Tribute adjDon caught by photographer Sandra Johnson in  a “triptych tribute” as he promotes the Nelson National Triptych Salon’s supporters, including PSNZ.

The Salon’s print exhibition continues at Morrison Street Cafe in Nelson until 27 October. Loop presentations of the Salon’s projected images are being shown at Hanafins Camera and Video, Nelson City Cameras and the Nelson Building Society all in Trafalgar Street Nelson.

A full list and images of the Nelson National Triptych Salon 2014 awards are now available on the Nelson Camera Club website.




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